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    FFE Announcements

    All the latest updates about the FFExtreme website, forums and other services.

    Latest News

    Discuss the latest gaming news posted on the FFExtreme website.

    Site Feedback

    Leave your questions or suggestions for the FFExtreme staff here.

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    FFE Veterans and newcomers are welcomed to (re)introduce themselves here!

  2. Square Enix Discussion

    Final Fantasy Series

    Discuss the flagship Square Enix series that this gaming community is all about!

    Kingdom Hearts Series

    Discuss the popular series featuring your favorite Square and Disney universes.

    Other Square Titles

    Discuss the classic series like Dragon Quest, Chrono Cross and Star Ocean.

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    Square Multimedia

    Soundtracks, comics, movies, and various other mediums from the Square Enix universe.

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  3. Discussion Central

    Gathering Square

    Discuss just about anything that doesn't belong in other forums. Spam isn't allowed.

    Green Eggs and SPAM

    Not taken seriously and (almost) nothing is too sacred to mock. Posting games allowed!

    Arcadia Showtime Plaza

    Discuss entertainment like anime, TV shows, music, movies, celebrities or athletics.

    Politically Correct

    Serious issues within our society, relationships, politics or ethics. 30+ post count required.

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    Gaming Vault

    For all those non-Square related game titles latest releases and new consoles and whatever.

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    01000110 01000110 01000101

    Get technical help or just discuss those many electronics and tech accessories.

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    Realm of Roleplay

    Be the hero of your own tale or join others in a story of conquest and glory.

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    The Talent Show

    Show off your amazingly artistic drawing, photography, etc skills here.

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