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  2. adm1r

    Your thoughts about Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

    Not to mention big financial loss for SquareEnix.
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  4. GRAV

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    By the powers of LAST POST I declare this land as WINNING!!
  5. GRAV

    Parasite Eve

    Depends on how you feel about lore. Technically all three games are seperate and un-related games. That said, the third game is so unrelated from the first two that it may as well be a whole seperate franchise. 1 and 2 are similar in that they both have pre-rendered backgrounds and have a similar control scheme and play style whereas the third game completely changes everything (control scheme, visuals, story concept and so on). Hope that answers your question.
  6. GRAV

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    My go to site(s) for hella wicked cool good awesome Animoo stuffs is pretty much any site with booru on the end of it (i.e. gelbooru and danbooru). Or for the more SFW (kinda) konachan.
  7. Dragoon McKnight

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    I'll give you that. When I come across some weird MLP crap I feel like I have to pour bleach in my eyes.
  8. amelia88

    Do You Create Fan Fiction Based on Video Games?

    I haven’t created it myself but I have read fan fiction pieces before. If I can carve out some more time for hobbies I think it would be fun to do! It’s definitely a good way to think creatively!
  9. Some games have funko pop figurine collectibles and those have always been popular gifts for the people I’ve given them too. They also have characters for a bunch of TV shoes and movies!
  10. amelia88

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    Sometimes in high school if I was home sick, I’d play games basically from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. It was always a relaxing and restful thing for me so even if I was home sick it was helpful!
  11. jpk0007

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    I think that Dell laptops are way better than all other brands available in the market. I Hva heard that they also have a very good customer support system. I am currently using an HP laptop and so far I have not experienced any major problems with it. I would have definitely gone for a Dell laptop instead of HP if I had a higher budget available with me to buy it.
  12. Windows is definitely the preferred operating system for gaming and also for all other purposes. the main reason for its popularity is the ease and comfort it offers over other operating systems like Linux. Although Windows is not free, still people prefer to use it over all other operating systems. I have never ever used any other operating system like Linux
  13. jpk0007

    Laptop vs Desktop

    If I have to choose in between a laptop and a desktop I will always go for my laptop. the reason is very simple, the amount of mobility that a laptop offers is not possible with a desktop. I don't think there is much of a difference in features and services offered by a laptop and a desktop other than the added advantage of mobility that a laptop offers. I guess an increasing number of people are going for a laptop over the desktop because one has to constantly travel for work these days.
  14. Yes, I do have a power bank and I think it has been very useful for me. Powerbank is very necessary when you have to constantly travel for work and you won't be able to find a charging facility everywhere you travel. I always keep my power bank with me wherever I go, it is very handy and acts like a backup whenever you need it.
  15. Steve5

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    This speaks volumes. It's often that people are brutally honest with all things internet. So I'm not surprised to find out that most of us don't care about other people's lives. Specifically, in terms of Facebook updates. I can relate to not minding other people's business. But I wouldn't put it like that. It's so sassy yet so true.
  16. Steve5

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    I probably haven't played games while the teacher was talking. It's hard to hide something like that. And even if the teacher didn't notice, your nearby seatmates are sure to tell on you. I remember someone getting caught because his seatmate outright called out that he was using his gadget. It got confiscated for a week or so.
  17. Steve5

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    It seems that many underestimate the issue of overexertion. We often take advantage of our bodies because we need to get work done. And this results in overwork. So it's absolutely necessary to rest our minds every now and then from intensive work.
  18. Steve5

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    I think I remember seeing videos where people earned money playing it. Minecraft made lots of game streamers rich and famous. They probably still do it until now. It's one of those games where you can gain financial income if you know what to do.
  19. Steve5

    Playing games

    I like battle games like the old style arcade. The ones where you can choose your characters. But I'm not good at it. I just enjoy playing them. So it's true that even if you're not great at a certain game, you can still find ways to enjoy it. I've seen people with great hand coordination and reflexes play expertly.
  20. rlpzbeermoney

    What's Your Favorite Keyblade?

    I get the appeal of going the "minimalist" route in completing the game since it's much more rewarding that way when you do finish it. I'm the same in the way to a certain extent but that was when I had all the time in the world to do those rewarding challenges you set on yourself.
  21. rlpzbeermoney

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    I wouldn't recommend getting addicted to this game. It's like Call of Duty. You play to pass time, not to actually enjoy the story or learn something valuable. I think that's the difference between games now and game before. Games before just felt like games. Games now just asks for your money straight and doesn't care about you once you play it.
  22. rlpzbeermoney

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    I think this should be the mindset of people. The toxic effect of social media has already penetrated our lives. Everyone's trying to pee higher than the person before. Life isn't a competition and social media has made it that way. Comparing yourself with others is also not healthy. Getting depressed because the person you hate is doing "better" than you? I'll pass.
  23. rlpzbeermoney

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    Less power to them. I don't understand the minds of people. Yes, people think differently and might be into the weird shit. But when I see My Little Pony characters getting sexual and I think to myself someone drew this and liked it, I think there's something wrong there. Reddit is a better community for anime fans. I don't recommend DeviantArt as a community anymore.
  24. I watched a Youtuber purchase this bundle digitally. $99. If you play now, you can finish the game on time until January playing casually. I think you should just skip playing the DS game if you're going to play this. The pixelated graphics doesn't do the cutscenes well. At least with this version, it's remastered. More stuff to cry about.
  25. I do have one, but I don't regularly use it since I am always at home. If my memory serves me right, the last time I used it was two months ago when we experienced a power interruption, and I am running low on batteries. For people who are in the field and use their phones a lot, it's a must (medical representatives, drivers). However, I know a few field agents who use a separate bar phone (usually from Nokia or Cherry Mobile) to contact their clients and customers to save on battery life on their smartphones.
  26. NerdIndeed

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Man, I laughed so hard with this. But likewise, I do not give a crap about how or what others are doing since I'm so busy living my own. I only get to know news or gossips about other people if they come over at my house. I strictly use Facebook for business purposes, nothing more.
  27. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    You're very welcome. And I hope you do enjoy your Nokia 3310 come December. Hoping that it will come pre-installed with the games you mentioned. All the best!
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