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    To better expose the community activity and display news posts in less of a early 2000's style, I've just launched a new temporary homepage with the latest news and latest topics streamed directly onto it. Nothing major nor too invested in but a welcomed improvement I hope! New Homepage: https://ffextreme.com Old Site: https://ffextreme.com/?old=1
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    That trailer was sick! I believe this is the last trailer until it releases in January. It revealed too much in my opinion. Aqua has finally succumbed to the darkness after spending an eternity in it. Roxas in the end was so hype! I think he will join the Organization 13 in the big war.
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    Hi All! I'm Amelia and I'm a newbie, but I'm glad to have stumbled across this forum. I've been a Final Fantasy gamer for a while now, and I love that there have been so many games released in the franchise to keep things new and interesting. I'm looking forward to interacting with you all on here!
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    It's a broken move in the show. In battle, if a Pokemon is asleep, it's considered unable to battle. In the game, you wait turns until your Pokemon wakes up. So in short, Jigglypuff is the strongest Pokemon in the anime. I've never watched an episode where another Pokemon used Sing and made everyone sleep.
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    Same here, well I guess a lot of folks are. Fun fact: Pikachu's name is from "Pika" a Japanese word for the noise of crackling electricity, while "Chu" is the sound a mouse makes when it is trying to speak.
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    I wish every bit of news I threw out here was great, but this one not so much. For folks like me that grew up with those older Final Fantasy games, we're familiar with the name Nobuo Uematsu. The longtime composer for Square is now on an indefinite hiatus from his work due to health issues. For those that may not be familiar with Uematsu, he has been a longtime composer for the majority of the Final Fantasy games in the main series except for FFXIII and FFXV. He's also composed for various other RPG titles such as Chrono Trigger and Blue Dragon. The 59-year-old Uematsu announced that he will no longer be continuing work for the rest of 2018, and he is unsure when he will be returning to in 2019. He's declined to state the nature of his illness in his blog, saying that as soon as he's fully recovered, he intends to continue his work. As a longtime fan of the series and as someone who has quite a bit of his work on my iPod... here's hoping he has an excellent recovery.
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    LOL. That might be interesting and completely change the dynamics of the anime and Kira himself. Though there may only be a few instances that Kira will bring back someone to life because mostly the people he kills are criminals who he believes are a threat to society. I don't see any reason why he will use the Death Eraser on them.
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    I wish they explored more on this Death Eraser. Like if someone was decapitated, will the head be like the one who'll come back to life and immediately die because they started bleeding out? If someone was buried in the ground already, will they suffocate since they are in the ground already?
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    Hmmm.... Just be as bad as you can at cooking. Make some really bad meal and then wait and see her reaction
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    Death eraser? The anime didn't mention that as far as I recall. Maybe in the manga.
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    Nice for you people then. Compared to my observations of my peers, you guys have it easy. I can people who are so into anime that they are detached from reality itself. I believe the term is weeb. I couldn't imagine how they can live with the constant judging of other people. Though I respect their "I don't give an ef" attitude to the world. As long as you are happy.
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    My son loved Ben 10 so much but the very first time I had him bought the unique yellow Pikachu, he never let it out of his site for 2 months. He practically go anywhere with it, even to school and he sleeps with it at night. He was 100% attached to his Pikachu.
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    Yes, it's very easy to see the anime online and watch it. You easily get it in YouTube and have your fun with it. If there is any huge video games and movies store within your area of residence, I'm sure you can find a copy of the animation to watch as well.
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    Well, the company behind the resurgence of Pokémon have done a great job with making it trend the way it's doing at the moment because it been years we all knew about Pokémon. Some props that came out with it years back have faded into oblivion but Pokémon is still here with us.
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    Dang bro. That's not part of the original story. That's part of the extra chapters. I just remembered when I googled it... Though I think this Death Eraser shouldn't exists. The consequences of writing a name in the Death Note becomes smaller. I think that's why they didn't include it in the main manga.
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    Not a bad idea, I was thinking a section for the main series (I-XV) then some spin offs. Derek will be the one to make the decision on forum layout, Mister McKnight here is the Square Enix news guy!
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    I got up today to notice a new patch had downloaded for FFXV. I had nearly forgotten that a free patch was being added to promote the upcoming mobile game Terra Wars and the new Tomb Raider game. Terra Wars is being developed by Mistwalker, a team of Ex-Square Enix developers. The company is now working alongside SE to develop the upcoming mobile game. Square Enix had added a crossover quest with Noctis and Sarah, a protagonist from Terra Wars, who get pulled into another world. The quest can be accessed in Chapter 5. As for the other patch content? If you're playing the multiplayer section of FFXV called Comrades, players will get to rock out in Lara Croft's outfit from Tomb Raider. There's also an Alienware styled shield you can pick up. Personally? I won't be chasing the shield down. I'll be hitting up that spiffy looking new quest though.
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    Hi, thanks for share I have tried to register on your link but they ask me a registration code, where I can find this code?
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    Well, there is every possibility of having Pokémon last for more years to come. I'm still seeing a lot of media buzz about it and it's very obvious that this current generation are thrilled about Pokémon. My little cousin loves playing with his Pokémon toys so much.
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    I agree. This has been one of the best forums so far. I really like how everything's clean and polished. The community is also filled with kind and friendly people. I look forward to the continuous growth of FFE.
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    guess who's back after a long several weeks and remembers her password again ayO B) also i'm winning what uuppp
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    I really like One Piece too - I lived in Japan for a few years and it was HUGE there, so I really got into it as well. They even had One Piece exhibitions at places like Tokyo Tower...super cool! Another of my favorites is Strike Witches, which I recommend highly! My husband's favorite is Full Metal Alchemist.
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    Greed Island Arc is the best arc. This shows the author's creativity in story writing. It was back when trading card games were slowly rising in popularity. The whole RPG in Real life scenario really works. I can imagine the author is a huge Dragon Quest fan. I can see the influence in the arc itself.
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    Pikachu is my favorite Pokémon and I don't need to think about it twice because I believe that Pikachu is the most lovable character in the Pokémon animation. It's the that angry fighting face of Pikachu when about to fight is what thrills me so much about the character and it's smiling and jumping around is cool as well.
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    yeah, I plan to rework the code for this in an upcoming theme update. Thanks