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    A thread for all things metal! Share the darkness and distortion in the shred thread. Haiduk kicks it off with something from the new album 'Exomancer' [black metal]
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    Well, I don't know where to post this but out of all the forums I've posted on, this one is my favorite. PL site is now officially down after 2 months of fluctuating service. I guess they went bankrupt? Though if not for that site, I would have never stumbled upon this forum. The community was not the greatest but it helped me cope with being alone and depressed in my time working for the site. I'm still down to talk about FF and Square Enix stuff if anyone's down for it. Though from what I can see, nobody is posting stuff on this forum. Hoping for more members to join this forum and make it active again.
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    My posting has been limited due to real life kicking me in the nuts. Though it has slowed down. I'm not familiar with pl site, but I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you're holding up my dude. I'll see about posting some news and maybe something comedic when I get a chance. On my downtime from work and studies I've played the resident evil 2 remake. Killing zombies helps ease my troubles lol.
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