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    Ah, I live in Japan right now for work and didn’t realize that the North American version hadn’t yet been released. Seems like it’s got quite the buzz about it!
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    After months of news coverage, the highly anticipated sequel has been released in Japan (for now), the North American version will release on January 29th, 2019. Kingdom Hearts Repertory which streams all things Kingdom Hearts related media will provide a complete walkthrough of the Japanese version on their YouTube page that includes all gameplay footage. Click the link below at your own discretion. Kingdom Hearts III Full Playthrough (Japanese Release)
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    The entire series is having a massive sale right now. I gleefully spent a few bucks to pick up human revolution and mankind divided. I'd recommend mankind divided on a console, it doesn't jive very well on PC, but still playable. If anyone is into cyber punk stuff like bladerunner and robocop, I'd recommend grabbing them.
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    I decided to pick Shiva because I was searching for some FF artwork and I found a great image of Shiva! Final Fantasy - Evolution of Shiva | YouTube
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    Changed my cover photo today. Found a better one more suitable for this forum. (Psst. I checked with my daughter first. She said it was OK. )
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    I mostly like the main themes. For some reason some Final Fantasy themes remind me a PS2 game I had called Shadow of Colossus. Final Fantasy has an overall great and amazing music. Very beautiful.
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    Alright, here's a thread where we can talk about neat little secrets, easter eggs, bits of lore, etc. that you've discovered in FF games. For example: I'm currently replaying FFVIII for the first time in at least 15 years and have just crashed at Fisherman's Horizon. Did you know there's a little side quest that sheds a lot of backstory on this place involving the fisherman from that particular cutscene of Garden crashing on the pier? I discovered this purely by accident. There's a nearly invisible ladder that you can climb that's just off the crane. It brings you down to a series of walkways and ladders that takes you to the Master Fisherman, where he gives you Occult Fan III. Talk to him again and he asks you to go and talk to his student, the boy fishing off the boat by the item shops. Talking to the kid triggers a couple of hilarious little sequences in which he nearly murders the item shop owner, but he finally masters the art of casting a rod. Go back and talk to the Master Fisherman and you get quite a lengthy but sweet story sequence showing how Fisherman's Horizon was founded, how they came up with the name, etc. It was a genuinely nice bit of story telling that got tucked away. On first finding this, I thought it was a glitch because that ladder was so well hidden.
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    There are four games in the Deus Ex main series. Human Revolution is the third, and it acts as a prequel to the story in the first two which came out some 16-18 years ago. Mankind Divided is the direct sequel to Human Revolution, same hero and everything. I plan on picking it up. I'm sure it isn't a bad game, but there was some controversy over their pre-order system for Mankind Divided, but I can't remember exactly. So it already had some stink going against it on release, along with other issues.
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    Relaxing on a Sunday is always a great way to enjoy the weekend. I don't joke with my Sunday noon sleep because that is the only way that I get to enjoy some cool time and happiness.
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    My favorite soundtrack would be beatrix' theme , rose of may. I would just listen to it and read books or , just do nothing. You know a soundtrack is good if it makes you emotional after all these years. So here is the song to listen for yourself :
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    I have far too many. FF1: original theme is the utmost classic. FF2/4 (depending on version SNES/PS1) would be: battle on the big bridge, FF3/6 is :Terra in black, dancing mad, The song Celes sings at the opera (Aria di Mezzo Carattere), FF7: where do I start? Aeris/Aerith's theme, the case music while on the bike(can't remember what it is called), One Winged Angel, JENOVA, the Prelude, Bombing mission, Cosmo Canyon.... I can go on... and I love all the music from Crisis Core and the two songs from Dirge of Cerberus by J-Rock band Gackt! (I actually loved this game eventhough it was glitchy as hell and easily corruptable via game files). FF8: Liberi Fatali, Belamb Garden, Eyes on Me (instrumental and with vocals), Blue Fields(overworld), both battle(find your way) and boss(force your way) themes, The Man with the Machine Gun(one of my favorites!) And lastly for 8 the remastered version of Maybe I'm a Lion by the black mages. FF9: Vamo Alla Flamenco, Vivi's theme, Battle 1 & 2, Over the Hill, Roses of May, Kuja's Theme, The Black Waltz, Not Alone(another of my top favs), Darkness of Eternity, The Final Battle and Melodies of Life. Ff10... To Zanarkand, Otherworld(original and black mages version), all versions of Hymn of the Fayth, Movement in Green, Thunder Plains, Macalania Woods, Semour's boss battle music (especially #3). FF10-2: The Gull Wings theme, Real Emotion (both english and Japanese vers.) 1000 words..... (I won't play the online games so 11 and 14 will be left out) FF12: none that I can remember because I hated this game due to certain elements... (I wanted to play a Moogle! >_> to name one). FF13: Never finished it, but I did like some songs: Blinded by Light, The Sunleth Waterscape, Chocobos of Cocoon - Chasing Dreams (maybe my favorite vers of the Chocobo theme... next to the original, 7's and 15's...). FF 13-2... all of it! I have the full soundtrack box set that came with the collector's edition of the game and is the only ff13 game i will play. 13 lightning returns.... no idea, I haven't gotten past the tutorial stage as it is such a bad game. I'd rather play the 3DS screwed up version of LoZ: Majora's Mask... Type-0... Won't go there... Tactics/Tactics advance/Tactics advance 2: can't remember most of the music but out of the three, Tactics advace had the best score... and now... My newest favorite FF game, 15! I honestly do not know where to start all the music moved me... even the suspencefull track in dangnamit sequence 13 that reminded me of a horror game trope... (I can't play horror games... too jumpy for them) believe me... the music worked well in that game and even having Robbie Daymond (Prompto) singing the Chocobo Theme and Victory fanfare from the original game was the best. That and I will never be able to hear the song Stand by Me and not cry ever again! That always kills me! The battle music, subtle world and town music was great, the dungeon music ambience was stellar... but.. if you wanted a change. You could also listen to almost all the best tracks from every FF game out there via The Regalia and the MP3 player (while walking or rideing your chocobo) But yeah... that is my list, hope there are some fan favs of other people in there..
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    Well, you can permit me to say that we are living in a more violent appreciated world at the moment, as people or should I say that gamers more into action fighting combat game systems as well as adventure. Fight and violence are being propagated in most games recently and people love it.
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    Mad signing up to this place again. Would be cool to reconnect with the old forum people, but meeting new people is cool as well. Loving the new layout by the way, it looks awesome! P.S: This guy needs to be reinstated as a smiley.