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  1. On the day before Kingdom Hearts 3 worldwide release, Square Enix releases 5 new youtube videos that recap the story of Kingdom Hearts prior to the third major installment. The videos intend to help remind you of the main events of the previous games or just catch up with the vague direction the story has gone. You can view them in order below: Departures, Memories, Twilight, Dawn, and Darkness.
  2. Derek

    Iawn bois! x

    A few months too late but yes, would be great to reconnect with past forum peeps! I need to send a notice to the old 5,000 or so members lol. And that might not in the smilie box yet, but it is a "like" option
  3. Derek

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    Any Intel Core brand processor and at least 8GB of memory would cover most needs. Though I aim for i5 or i7 and 16GB memory just to give it plenty to work off of and they aren't "too" pricy for a computer. I'm not up-to-date on the best mobile AMD processors though, but that might be a brand to look at for cheaper options while still being powerful.
  4. Derek

    Kingdom Hearts: 9 Game Compilation

    They really need to release for XBox One too. My last Playstation was PS2. I mean, KH3 will be available for XBox One, it makes sense to release a "catch up" for XBox One owners. Curious what they mean by "updated graphics" though. Like, Spyro Reingited level or just scaling up to 4k?
  5. Yeah, all the top tabs are coming when the new site releases. And, the shop could be that. It's actually planned to be an affiliate shop with preselected Amazon stuff. Basically a way to discover Square Enix merchandise. This will likely be the case and is a way to support the site while getting something at Amazon. Win win. The one issue with a member Esty listing or so is the possible copyright issues with selling unlicensed Square Enix themed work.
  6. Derek

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently got WoW and Overwatch taking up most of my gaming time. Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 remake will be on my rotation when they're out!
  7. Derek

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    I do believe I'll take the lead for now. Or can you even call this a "lead" ?
  8. Derek

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Favorite!? Oh jeez. I've got a lot that I like and it's hard to really choose just one. Maybe Arcanine? I do like fire-types and who doesn't love a large fluffy dog adorably lighting things on fire?
  9. Derek

    New FFE Frontpage

    To better expose the community activity and display news posts in less of a early 2000's style, I've just launched a new temporary homepage with the latest news and latest topics streamed directly onto it. Nothing major nor too invested in but a welcomed improvement I hope! New Homepage: https://ffextreme.com Old Site: https://ffextreme.com/?old=1
  10. Derek

    Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Hiatus

    Oh man... I hope he makes a full recovery! Regardless, the guy does deserve a break.
  11. Derek

    Forum theme looks great

    yeah, I plan to rework the code for this in an upcoming theme update. Thanks
  12. Derek

    Recent Topics to Recent Replies

    It's currently a limitation of the software but I do agree. I'd rather it be the most recent replies. I'll look into a solution, whether it's an addon or something I code myself. EDIT: I've changed the feed to show latest replies. This should help.
  13. Derek

    Environmental issue

    There's definitely progress, but does feel a long way off. Better than nothing though. With the USA being a major economic leader and a large contributor of pollution, it's definitely a deep hit that the current administration wants to continue the battle against climate science an environment protections.
  14. It could be that they're focusing on the games coming out soon over games deep in development. Might have to wait until after KH3's release before we learn more about FFVII remake.
  15. Derek

    Environmental issue

    Once we have people willing to accept fact over feelings, we'll be closer to trying to solving environmental problems. Saving dying industries instead of finding and using alternatives will not only stop us from getting better but also further harm the environment. It's sad really. Too many old people in it for their own benefit within their last years alive while screwing over the future generations.