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  1. GRAV

    Happy Birthday mi'lady! Hope you have a good one^.^

  2. guess who's back after a long several weeks and remembers her password again ayO B) also i'm winning what uuppp
  3. yeah, i would say GRAV has probably the most easily distinguishable typing style haha. though i think i'd still have recognized Eclipse's just as well. you both have a somewhat unique cadence to your posts that distinguishes you haha. or maybe that's just me. the fire emblem series has that too, at least the 3DS variations. i know for sure Awakening does, not just the leader either - if either your character or Chrom dies in battle, it's game over. older games also had it so if a character was defeated in a battle, they were gone forever, but the 3DS ones made that an option rather than a necessity. like it seems like a weird mechanic, but i kind of it like it for strategy based games like that! i think it adds a bit more emphasis on the strategy part, if a little unforgiving. maybe i'm weird though haha also...Eclipse forgot to declare he was winning. so i guess i get to steal this from GRAV - winning!
  4. i actually had a chance to play the KH3 demo while I was at AX last month!!! i really really enjoyed it, though it was fairly short (fifteen minutes, i believe?) and very limited in what you could do. two worlds, one of them placing you right at the start and the other dropping you into the final boss battle with no context (or so the rep told me) haha. it was admittedly very floaty, and i got extremely lost during that final boss battle, but it was a lot of fun!!! granted, there's no promise it'll be the same demo, but the rep i spoke to said that those particular scenes were the two being shown for demo's because they were from worlds that were 99% complete. but still! if anyone has the chance to go and play it, i hope you enjoyed it!! i about cried when they told me to get in the line but i'm a big baby haha
  5. i asked my best friend and he was all "i don't like final fantasy nell you know this" and "i'm too cool for internet forums because i live in a forest and have no internet half the time" like a jerk, so no such luck there. i feel like...if i had not joined back under tehsecretardor, i'd probably still be recognized?? by like you two at least but who knows. GRAV says i haven't changed that much so probably? i tried really hard to play FFXIII but the battle system was weird and i couldn't get the hang of it so i gave up ;-; bUT once Falcom / Trails in the Sky has released my soul, i want to give it another try!!! winning? i don't remember this being a rule in the old forum tbh but i am obligated
  6. Nell

    oh gosh

    i saw 'tehsecretardor' and immediately reverted to being 13-16 and honestly what a god damn trip but yes hello!!!!
  7. Nell

    oh gosh

    oh thank you so much friend, i think i felt my soul leave my body when i saw my old username after all this time haha
  8. ah I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I can extend the site out to a few friends and see if anyone would be interested! I know a lot of my friends like final fantasy so I don’t see why not gonna do my part for the site! (winning? why do I feel like 2012 era Charlie sheen...)
  9. Nell

    oh gosh

    can I change my name?? is that an option???? can I please maybe not use a username I made as an emo eighth grader?? that was literally half my life ago jesus um hello!! I’m tehsecretardor I guess, or Nell? Nell is a much better name lbr, but I have so many different online handles at this point so I guess whatever works for you works for me. not necessarily a veteran but I did join FFE in like 2010 and was looking through my old email and saw the invite thingy so I figured why not! I have no idea how to introduce myself, this is so weird I’m so sorry for this mess of a post,,,
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