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  1. Dragoon McKnight

    Where would you like to live on Final Fantasy?

    While a lot of these places sound awesome, I'd rather have my own bitchin airship like Setzer from FF6 to fly around on.
  2. Dragoon McKnight

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    Welcome to the forums. Sorry if I'm scarce. Studies n shit. Last.
  3. Dragoon McKnight

    Favorite Final Fantasy Soundtrack?

    Dissidia music was good stuff. And yeah, I'd say the Black Mages definitely count.
  4. Dragoon McKnight

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

  5. Dragoon McKnight

    Final Fantasy XV News: Crossover and DLC's

    It seems Square Enix just isn't quite done with FFXV. On December 12, there will be yet another event added to the single-player portion of FFXV. This one? Well, for those that play SE's MMO FFXIV, you'll be familiar with the primal Garuda. The trailer showcased a Miqote girl that ends up in the FFXV world, teaming up with Noctis and pals to deal with the looming threat of Garuda. Check out the trailer here. Not only that, there's now a preview for the upcoming DLC for Ardyn. That's right, you get to play as the game's main antagonist. It's no secret that this DLC for Ardyn was being developed, but now we finally get a trailer with a glimpse into the gameplay. Named 'Episode Ardyn', it's set to release in March of 2019. Now, on to the multiplayer section of FFXV: Comrades. For those that don't know, Comrades is the Multiplayer version of FFXV where you can make your own Kingsglaive type character and do missions with other players, or with computer controlled buddies. PS4 and XBOX players will be able to purchases Comrades as a stand-alone game for 9.99 (US). It will be discontinued from the main game for consoles, but those who already have it will have the option to obtain it for free. For PC players, nothing will change - you will still access Comrades from the main game, and updates will continue to come in. Another update will be released along with the launch of Comrades for consoles on December 12th of 2018. Also, a bit of bad news. Or good, depending on how you look at it. But after the Ardyn DLC set for March, there will be no more DLC released. There were several more planned, but they've all been canceled. While this may be disappointing, it may be for the best, as the game's been out for two years and perhaps it's time to move on? Either way, the game had a good run.
  6. Dragoon McKnight

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    The Good, The Bad, and The Last
  7. Dragoon McKnight

    Favorite Mobile Game

    Final Fantasy Dissidia game is pretty fun on Mobile. Free to play as well.
  8. Dragoon McKnight

    Deus Ex

    There are four games in the Deus Ex main series. Human Revolution is the third, and it acts as a prequel to the story in the first two which came out some 16-18 years ago. Mankind Divided is the direct sequel to Human Revolution, same hero and everything. I plan on picking it up. I'm sure it isn't a bad game, but there was some controversy over their pre-order system for Mankind Divided, but I can't remember exactly. So it already had some stink going against it on release, along with other issues.
  9. Dragoon McKnight

    Best Modern PC Games

    Not gonna lie, I didnt look at the whole list. If its inducing rage I'll have to take another look. Skyrim's been out for a while but it still holds up as an awesome game.
  10. Dragoon McKnight

    Best Modern PC Games

    Metal Gear Solid V should have been higher up!
  11. Dragoon McKnight

    Any Fans of Super Mario?

    Retro platforming games are awesome. I liked Mario, I was always a bit more partial to Castlevania/Metro games. But I'd still go back and tear up some old school Mario games.
  12. While The After Years wasn't the best for me, I gotta agree about Golbez. He was awesome to have as a party member.
  13. Dragoon McKnight

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    I win again. Victory. ....I'd love for another tactics game. The first one is my shit.
  14. Dragoon McKnight

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    I've always wanted to hit up Resident Evil 7 on VR, but in too poor at the moment to buy a vr set.
  15. Dragoon McKnight

    Deus Ex

    This. I loved human revolution. I was looking forward to mankind divided but like you said, reviews were mixed and I havent caught any good sales to justify its price tag. It's been a while since I looked, though.