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  1. jayjaydimson

    Introductory Thread

    It is really a helpful thread for us newbies, I also read the do's and dont's on this forum. This forum have my salute and a big thumbs up, just keep up the good work guys.
  2. jayjaydimson

    Site Feedback

    The site is good, it is unique and very user-friendly, I didn't feel tired of looking for the posts. The one thing I noticed on this site is it has no email support or something? where will be the new members to ask if they are queries?
  3. jayjaydimson

    What was the first FF game you played?

    The first final fantasy that I ever played was Final Fantasy 1 and to Dawn of Souls. I played it on my Gameboy Advance and it is really a good game. I played it a lot since I woke up and before I sleep.
  4. Ohh really good to know to thank you for the information, I will make an order as soon as possible so I can play that game now on my X-box One.
  5. jayjaydimson

    Dragon Quest is Finally Coming Back

    It is really nice, I am always waiting for its comeback. I can't wait to play it again, Final Fantasy is one of the most adventurous game I played ever.
  6. jayjaydimson

    The Last Remnant Remaster for PS4

    It is a really addicting game, and I would really suggest this game to everyone that wants a role-playing video game, this game is the best and its high quality. so its a thumbs up for me.
  7. jayjaydimson

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

    WOW! The trailer was really awesome, and all the characters appeared really improved back in the past. I'm always waiting to play it as soon as possible.