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  1. I would also stop playing for a while if I am tilted. During losing streaks, I stay away from ranked games and I just play other fun modes to not get stressed more. There's a higher chance I'll lose again if I am tilted so I'll just stop playing ranked or competitive games for a while.
  2. If a game fails to get me hooked within the first few hours of the story, I might drop it. But before dropping it, I might ask friends or others if the story will pick up somewhere later in the game. If so, I will try and stick with it.
  3. Thanks for the link to the article! I'll check the suggestions of the post author and I'll also check if Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has the same elements found in Kingdom Hearts!
  4. I really like the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts out of all the games that I've played. They have good AI companions and the battle system is action based. Can you recommend other games like these? Games that have good AI companions and have good combat systems? I've played Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Age: Inquisition and I am looking for more games that are similar to these. If I can't find any, I might have to play Kingdom Hearts 2 again.
  5. I liked Vagrant Story but I sucked at it when I was a kid because the item and combat system are not what I was used to in other games. My dad was the one who managed to get far in the story because he was a better player than me in the past. When I replayed it when I was a little older, it was when I appreciated the combat system and the uniqueness of the game. The combat feels satisfying and when you hit a sweet spot on the enemy, the sound and graphics feedback that hints you did a ton of damage is really rewarding.
  6. I've only played Legend of Mana. I see you haven't mentioned it and I'm not sure if it is part of the Mana series. I really liked it and spent a lot of time playing through that game because it is fun to explore new places and you plot them yourself on the world map. Plus, there are lots of companions that you could choose from. Story-oriented games that have good AI companions are the types of games that I like.
  7. I really like it when they do dual wield keyblades too! I've been into dual wielding because of Kirito too since he looks badass when he does his fast dual blades attacks. I've also read the Bleach manga until the disappointing ending but his 2 swords look cool too. I'm not updated with Black Clover though since I've only watched the first episodes but I got to the point where he got a smaller blade alongside his first large blade.
  8. Oooh, nice! So it is similar to the Final Fantasy franchise because the games could be considered as standalone games. I guess I would play the latest game first so I would be playing the one with the best graphics first. I guess it would ease me into the series then I'll proceed with the older ones.
  9. Good thing I only watched it on Cable TV and not pay for it in the theatres. I was also hyped when I read the title "Final Fantasy" at the top right corner of our TV and watched it. It was disappointing that it really doesn't have the elements that could classify it as a Final Fantasy movie. I hope Square could make more Final Fantasy movies like the Final Fantasy XV movie.
  10. Yup. It would take a lot of time to finish these long games. I think I'll be playing this during my Christmas holidays to recap before Kingdom Hearts 3 gets released. The PS4 Blu-rays' capacities are either 25GB or 50GB. If it doesn't fit in these discs maybe the other games could be downloaded if you have the disc.
  11. I love the default one best when it comes to aesthetics. I finished my first playthrough with the first Keyblade because when I was younger I thought the other Keyblades look cheesy and I would rather play with a weaker one even if it has a lower physical and magic stats. But on my next playthroughs, I always opt for the strongest available in my inventory.
  12. DeviantArt seems to be the most popular choice for awesome arts and graphics. I am not familiar with those furry and yaoi communities though. I have tons of epic game and anime wallpapers from that site.
  13. I am too hyped for the Resident Evil 2 Remake! It was the favorite game of my dad on PS1 when I was a kid. I couldn't play it on my own because I was scared so I was always there watching him play through the game on all difficulty. I'll ask him to play it again once it's released!
  14. For me, that's the essence of video games. They're made for entertainment and relaxation. If the games we are playing are causing us stress or unnecessary pressure, we should check our choice of games and make sure we are playing the right types of games. There are many games that are very challenging and would require more attention compared to games that are just chill.
  15. Chocobos are my favorite. They've been my favorite since I've played Chocobo's Dungeon 2 on PlayStation 1. I like to ride them especially on Final Fantasy XV where you can even drift with them. Plus, their soundtrack is cool.
  16. Yup! And I recently watched the Batman trilogy films. I really like the second movie - The Dark Knight. For me, it's the best superhero film there is. I hope the Arkham games have stories that are equally good as that film or better.
  17. We still have Kingdom Hearts 3 to fill up our time with while we wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake if it ever does come out in the future. I am sure there are tons of stuff to do in Kingdom Hearts 3 because they feature a lot of worlds and maybe more side stuff like those found on Kingdom Hearts 2.8.
  18. I like both styles but it really depends on the quality of the game. Most open world games now have large worlds but it feels empty because there isn't much to do in their worlds. I like some games that are linear but they have compressed the things you can do in the small world or space that you can interact with. I like the open world areas of Final Fantasy XV because you can easily travel with the Regalia and there are tons of side stuff to do, especially once you're through with the main story.
  19. The last game that I played that is related to food is Overcooked on PS4. You can play these with many people on the same console (couch co-op). I've also played Diner Dash back then when it was released. There's also Fat Princess on the PSP.
  20. Is it okay to just play the latest Parasite Eve or do I have to play it from the first game? Is it like the Final Fantasy games where every game's story is independent of other games from the series?
  21. You should give it a try. It is a pure offline game and it has a pretty decent story. It has good gameplay and it's the main reason I like it. Agreed. The controls are very fluid and the graphics are nice as well. Sleeping Dogs was supposed to have a sequel? I wish they pushed through it. It was a great game and I want to play more games like these. I may have to try Arkham series because I haven't played any Batman game.
  22. I play games mostly for fun. I don't play for money and if I would play for money, I would already be working or playing as a Twitch streamer. I play competitively if I am playing multiplayer games because it gives me satisfaction and I feel rewarded if I win.
  23. I like his default model on Kingdom Hearts 2. His clothes fit him well and it really suits him. I don't usually use the drive forms because it is too strong. I also handicapped myself by playing the whole game using only his original keyblade.
  24. I struggled with my first playthrough of Chrono Cross because I can't read and understand English when I first played it. It motivated me to learn how to understand this language because I'll have to understand what the characters are talking about to know what my next objective is. I think it took me about 40-60 hours to finish it on my first playthrough since most of my gameplay is exploring the world and talking to NPCs repetitively. I think I've had about 7 playthroughs of the game because I replay it often. I don't think I've had the happy ending though since I aimlessly play through the game. I've only seen the other endings on YouTube.
  25. I think the first Parasyte Eve's graphics are very good during its release. I just couldn't play the game when I was a kid because I was scared by the game's theme. But now I would like to give it a try again.
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