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  1. What?Is it for real?Well if it is it's so exciting. I could imagine me playing this. But i have to wait for a long time.Im so excited. I am really going to love this. I cant wait.
  2. Does anyone here know anything about kpop? The are having a great popularity now. I love kpop bands and their music . I want to know if anyone here know about them.If their are gamer ang kpop lovers.
  3. The first ff that i played was Final fantasy XI. I remember it was given to my brother by our dad. And i was really imazed on him playing it so tried it. I got so amazed by it and i love it. Eventually it became my favorite.
  4. jocelyn_v


    It's not bad it just needs a bit of editing. Also the quality of the photo is low. Try getting a dslr or anything that makes a higher quality photo. It will definitely change the outcome of your photo and makes it a lot nicer.
  5. I am so excited for my copy it is supposed to be here next week. I am so excited. Cant wait to play it. Japan is near me but it takes so long to come.
  6. Mine will be Naruto shippūden because ever since i was young i was watching that. I remember i will beg my brother to open the tv and play the latest episodes of naruto. But last year it already ended. It really breaked my heart. Now i am rewatching my favorite episodes.
  7. jocelyn_v


    Hi i am also a newbie here. And a love to be here because i feel like i belong here.
  8. I pwn a switch but we have not been playing it because the games are a bit bit boring. This game is my all time favorite and i could play this game all day. Finally i could play it on my switch. 2019 is a long way to go but thats ok.
  9. I love thi site i can relate to everyone. I can express myself. I always get excited on reading and writing a lot of post. It jas been my hobby to share and get knowledge on this place. I feel so good after doing it.
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