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  1. The PS1 was a treasure trove of excellent games which filled my teenage days with wander and awe. I have a lot of favorites and I'm just going to mention my top 3: Xenogears - this might be my absolute favorite PS1 game of all time. It had all the elements that I loved in an RPG - a superb story, awesome combat, relatable characters, and immersive graphics. Metal Gear Solid - this was such a joy to play once I got to learn how its stealth mechanics worked. It also had awesome voicework and tons of cinematics which made it look like a movie within a game. Tenchu - my favorite ninja game on the system. Throwing poisoned rice at my opponents never got old.
  2. That's a great idea @GrayBrad! I'd love to have a remake of the Parasite Eve games just to be able to see Aya in all her HD glory! Probably I would be able to finish the two games if they were remade now that I know what to expect from them. I think that a parasite eve game in this day and age will be a breath of fresh air for the horror genre.
  3. Thanks for replying @Dragoon McKnight. Hope you're safe dawg. Welp, I first got some of the boomerang skills for Angelo but then I heard that they aren't pretty useful starting from the middle of the game. Glad I saved up on some ability points and didn't get some of those fisticuffs abilities. I'll probably focus more now on the sword skills of my Hero. Thanks again mate.
  4. I love your avatar @Dragoon McKnight. You're right in saying that Chrono Games aren't that long. Although it took me more than 30 hours to finish the game on my first play through. I explored every nook and cranny of each and every village and also got lost in various dungeons. In my succeeding play throughs, I finished the game in a much shorter period. Did I enjoy the replays? Yep. Very much. Because I loved all the characters.
  5. @NerdIndeed, Wow, that tifa cosplayer looks so hawt! She looks just like the Tifa that I saw in FF Advent Children. The costume is perfect. Her body fits the costume perfectly. @superliccaAerith in that shot looks more like a Disney Princess than a Final Fantasy heroine.
  6. To be honest, I purchased Parasite Eve 2 for the shower scene alone. Hahaha! When I reached the shower scene sequence, I stopped playing hahaha! I didn't know what to expect when I purchased PE2. I didn't even know that it was a horror game. That's why in the first few minutes, I was very much surprised. I didn't know that I'd be dealing with monsters and jumpscares! I just knew that I would be controlling a hot blonde babe! But all in all, it was a unique and fun experience.
  7. Hey guys, who among you love cosplay? I do! And I'm a sucker for pretty girls who love to do cosplay. In this thread, I would like you to post your favorite Final Fantasy cosplay pics! Let me start. I just love this. She looks so much like Rinoa Heartily. The costume is simple but looks exactly like what is seen in the game. Her hair is long and straight. And that smile takes my breath away.
  8. I have never been a fan of monster breeding games. I wasn't even wooed over by the ultra famous Pokemon games. However, there was this one game on the PS1 that got me hooked on the monster breeding madness. The game was Monsterseed. Monsterseed was a pretty average RPG if you would look at it. It had average graphics, average story, and an average looking hero. But at its heart was a monster breeding gameplay that was pretty awesome. The monsters that players would breed could be used in battle simultaneously and could be controlled. It's nice to have the ability to control the monsters that you are able to tame. Are there any other games like Monsterseed that allow you to control your monsters?
  9. Okami was one of the best games I have played on the PS2. It was an action RPG game that was a lot like Zelda. But what set it apart from the competition is its breathtaking visuals and unique gameplay mechanics involving ingenious use of the Playstation's analog sticks. It was such a joy to play Okami. Exploring its vast immersive world was pure eyecandy. Restoring beauty to the various plagued lands was a sight to behold. When I finished the game, I craved for more. And the ending made way for a sequel because it was revealed in the end that there were still a lot of places that needed to be saved. It has been years since the game came out and still no sequel has come out. When do you think will we see an Okami 2?
  10. Erm, dude, there are a lot of games like the Final Fantasy Series out there. Just search for turn-based RPGs and dozens and dozens of titles would appear. Games like Grandia or Legend of Legaia or Legend of Dragoon are very similar to the Final Fantasy series. The Dragon Quest series which is also by Square is also just like Final Fantasy.
  11. I'm currently playing Dragon Quest VIII on my android phone and I'm currently having a blast. However, I'm having some trouble in choosing on where to allocate the points that I have gained. I've been hearing that fisticuffs is good. But these skills can only be used if the character is not equipped with any weapon. Who do you think should I allocate points for fisticuffs? Angelo? Yangus? Jessica? The hero? Any help will be much appreciated.
  12. I also had difficulty with the chain system at first. It's hard to time attacks especially if you keep switching from one weapon to the next because each weapon handles differently. Once I got the hang of chaining combos, combat became more exciting. I do agree that the combat system needs to be implemented in RPG games today. I think the closest we got to a Vagrant Story style of combat is Final Fantasy XII. But still, it wasn't as fun as that seen in Vagrant Story.
  13. I would like to live in the Kingdom of Alexandria, especially in Alexandria where Princess Garnett lives. Alexandria seems to be a very lively place with a beautiful castle and lots of nice houses and interesting people. If not in Alexandria, I would be content to live in the peaceful village of Dali. The place is small but it also looks very calm and relaxing. It would be a great place to just sit back and watch the sunset with a loved one.
  14. Chrono Cross has a lot of endings depending on the choices and actions you make in the game. The first time I completed Chrono Cross, I got the bad ending. Lol. That's why I replayed the game again and finally got the good ending. Aside from the good ending I heard that there were other endings that could be unlocked. I replayed it two more times before I called it quits. Haha! How many times did you finish Chrono Cross? What endings were you able to get?
  15. I'd have to go with moogles! I love cats because they're so cute and cuddly. Moogles closely resemble cats, therefore they're my favorite. I especially love the Moogles in FFIX. Aside from moogles, I also love Chocobos. I love them because of the sidequests involving them in FFIX. I also am pretty intrigued with Odin from FFVIII. That mysterious horse riding bringer of death is pretty scary.
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