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  1. Moogles have interested me more than Chocobos as a kid. The design is simple and memorable. I guess it's because they keep showing up when I play Final Fantasy as a kid. Plus anything with batwings/devilwings is badass for me.
  2. You release all your anger and frustration by gripping it real hard. Instead of punching a wall or breaking stuff in your house, it's a better cost saving alternative. It's not the best method but it helps like how fidget spinners and people with fiddling problems click a ballpoint pen annoyingly helps calm the nerves.
  3. rlpzbeermoney

    Spender or a saver?

    Not to mention, the ads Facebook is showing up is the stuff we searched in Amazon and not ended up buying. Temptation is everywhere in this cyber age. Like I said before, social media is a pissing contest to see who can piss higher. I suggest not joining that contest for your mental health.
  4. rlpzbeermoney

    Did Anime/Manga/Gaming Culture Make You Less Sociable?

    Another question I'd like to raise everyone who commented here is that Did you grow up lonely? It seems like it's a common factor I see when I compare myself to other people who're in the Anime culture. I don't like to generalize but this is just from my observation. I saw this photo online and I related to it so much.
  5. rlpzbeermoney

    What is your favorite hobby?

    Filipinos are experts in abusing bugs in our telco. I'm signed up in a Facebook group full of bugs and promos for getting free data. There are also other options to get free internet access anywhere. VPNs are often free and some offer free access to the Internet as long as you open your mobile data. A few of my friends abuse this feature as well. Some are paid but it's worth it for a small price.
  6. I've joined countless multiplayer lobbies on Call of Duty and PUBG for example. I haven't encountered a decent English speaking person because I'm from Asia and it connects to Asian servers. I still haven't experienced getting paired with a decent group of people and just playing with them like what I see on Youtube videos.
  7. rlpzbeermoney

    Best Modern PC Games

    That's a really biased list from a trusted publication like IGN. I agree with people raging in the comments. Portal 2 is really outdated. I wouldn't be angry if GTA 5 took the top spot. Skyrim also for its popularity at the time. Everyone but me was playing Skyrim and I missed out on that era of gaming.
  8. rlpzbeermoney


    If your son has to upload to Youtube just for school, it's fine. Put the video on Private and Youtube won't change the music due to copyright issues. Though, if your son plans to publish it to the public, there's royalty free background music on the Youtube app itself and you can change the music in your video in the video editor of the Youtube app.
  9. rlpzbeermoney

    Mac or Windows?

    I'm quite biased in my opinion though as I don't like Apple as a company. The many things I've read about the company recently only served to flame my rage towards them. They won't fix your $5000 spec out Mac and advice you to buy a new unit yourself as it's much cheaper than repairing it.
  10. I also use a Hand Grip Strengthener to relieve stress sometimes. Instead of gripping it as fast as you can, you can try and hold the grip for as long as you can. Plus it does wonders for your forearms which for us office workers is really thin and skinny.
  11. rlpzbeermoney

    how long can you stay without playing games

    I don't know if it's just me. When I don't play games for like a week straight, I'd lose interest and motivation to play any games. It takes a while for me to find the will to play any game. Even if it's just on mobile.
  12. rlpzbeermoney

    Mac or Windows?

    Another way to view it is the amount of money you have on hand to purchase that new PC. You really get more bang for the buck making your own PC on Windows. With Mac, it's made by Apple. What do you expect? For the same specs on the Mac side, you can sometimes spot that it's 40% cheaper on the Windows side spec wise. Plus another downside is that when something breaks, it will cost approximately the same as buying a new Mac. It's also not allowed for third party repair centers to repair them and they won't sell them replacement parts. It's crazy. I've read an article about this just recently and Apple is getting sued for this mispractice. Thank God.
  13. rlpzbeermoney

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    I can't really cease using social media. It's essential in the Philippines. No one calls or texts anymore. Haven't you noticed? Though I can use Messenger separate from Facebook, I feel like I'm missing out on things if I get out of Facebook altogether. I have set up my Facebook feed so that none of my friend's crap end up on it. It's more of like a literal news feed of pages I like. Though some friend activity still shows up every now and then.
  14. rlpzbeermoney

    When is the right time for a child to start living alone?

    Having been from a household where they put you down so that you'd live with them longer, the main focus of me earning money is to get the hell out of this place. Having parents with the mentality that your child can't survive in the real world is the worst. I tend to compare my life with other people my age and it sucks. You'd see them go home to their own place at odd hours and have the freedom to do anything. I actually envy the American culture where at the age of 18, parents let their children go. The children finds their own place and their own jobs by themselves. They might not be living in comfort but at least they are learning how to live.
  15. rlpzbeermoney

    Spender or a saver?

    I'm a saver. I panic when I don't have any money lying around. My mentality is that money = ability to do things . If you want to go out, it costs money to hail a taxi. If you want to eat, you need to pay for it using money. If you want to live under a roof, you need money. When it comes to shopping for essentials, I'm very stringy because of my mentality.