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  1. Martinsx

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    I used to be a good fan of this game called Minecraft and I was even more pleased when I saw a forum on it pop up online sometime in the past but sadly the forum didn't last long for me to catch up with my fellow Minecraft players and lovers. I still play it now but not as much as I did in the past.
  2. Martinsx

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    Definitely as human being, we are supposed to get tired at one point in time because we run on energy and we are not robots. Believe me when I say that having one's eyes fixated on the computer screen for straight 10 hours is not an easy task. Someone told me about having PTSD from working online without taking a break for 1 year.
  3. Martinsx

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    Seriously, I was so excited getting to play FIFA 18 but what I got got with playing the game was never what I was expecting and as such I was completely disappointed with what the company had done. They really disappointed me and all FIFA game lover.
  4. Martinsx

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Whatsapp is my favorite chat messenger. In as much as I prefer using Facebook very often, I hardly make use of its chat messenger. Some of my good friends are more used to facebook chat messenger and it's just because of them that I try to use it at times.
  5. Martinsx

    Playing games

    Exactly, we are all not of the same skill level and mind processing abilities, so there is every possibility of some people having better playing skill set more than others which helps them be better suited in playing some games then others.
  6. Martinsx

    Are you a business minded people?

    Of course yes, I'm 100% business minded and profit oriented in anything I've ever engaged myself with. I have this orienteering that time is money and as a result of that, it should be always maximized into making profit. So, I live for the money.
  7. Martinsx

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    FIFA 19 is messed up. There are so many glitches that came with the game which leaves gamers frustrated with playing. There are at times when the animation would be like its hanged on air and refuse to stop, it's very funny and there are silly goals situation that creeps me out.
  8. Martinsx

    Playing games

    Yes of course. One thing with games is that we are definitely going to play the ones that we can be able to play and leave out the ones we can't play. But I have noticed that sometimes, there are some games that are very difficult for me to play but are very easy for some other people to play.
  9. Martinsx

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    Haha, I wouldn't call it a physical contact fight but rather a war of words because you never can take away the possibility of someone cheating in the games and it pains a lot to lose money to a cheater.
  10. Martinsx

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    Most times, I do take a long walk in a part to clear my head but if I'm in the mood to spend time with my family then I have to put out some calls and have a get together. NB: I have crazy friends and it's always fun when we all hang out with one another.
  11. Martinsx

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Of all the social media sites we have in the world today, I have just two as my favorite and most used ones. They are; Twitter and Facebook. Any other social media sites besides these two - Twitter and Facebook are just a runner up to me which I hardly use.
  12. Martinsx

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    If the lecture is a boring one, I do play game during such session but I try my best not to make a scene that I'm playing games and not interested in the lectures by not putting the game sound. That the lecture isn't interesting to me doesn't give me the right to cause distraction for the whole class. So, I just mind my business.
  13. Martinsx

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    As a human being and not robots, it's very normal and also important to take some time off from online working sites in order to afford ourselves rest and not break down on the job. Most times when the work stress is too much, I just shut down everything and leave the house to calm myself down and come back feeling great.
  14. Martinsx

    What is your favorite old computer game?

    Super Mario and Contra are my favorite old computer games when I was still a teenager. They were the most popular and played games then. I don't think that there was any family in our neighborhood that didn't have those games back then. I'm not sure if people are still playing them now.
  15. Martinsx

    Playing games

    Exactly! When I try my best to make sure I complete any game which I started playing but it seems very obvious that I can't get it done, I wouldn't kill myself trying to finish what can't be finished, so I simply move on to another game.