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  1. Steve5

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    This speaks volumes. It's often that people are brutally honest with all things internet. So I'm not surprised to find out that most of us don't care about other people's lives. Specifically, in terms of Facebook updates. I can relate to not minding other people's business. But I wouldn't put it like that. It's so sassy yet so true.
  2. Steve5

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    I probably haven't played games while the teacher was talking. It's hard to hide something like that. And even if the teacher didn't notice, your nearby seatmates are sure to tell on you. I remember someone getting caught because his seatmate outright called out that he was using his gadget. It got confiscated for a week or so.
  3. Steve5

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    It seems that many underestimate the issue of overexertion. We often take advantage of our bodies because we need to get work done. And this results in overwork. So it's absolutely necessary to rest our minds every now and then from intensive work.
  4. Steve5

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    I think I remember seeing videos where people earned money playing it. Minecraft made lots of game streamers rich and famous. They probably still do it until now. It's one of those games where you can gain financial income if you know what to do.
  5. Steve5

    Playing games

    I like battle games like the old style arcade. The ones where you can choose your characters. But I'm not good at it. I just enjoy playing them. So it's true that even if you're not great at a certain game, you can still find ways to enjoy it. I've seen people with great hand coordination and reflexes play expertly.
  6. Steve5

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    I relate. It's difficult nowadays to stop using the internet. Going online has become a way of living. So much to the point of being our main source of income. But you can take a day of rest every now and then. It really makes a difference since you'll feel so much better after the break.
  7. Steve5

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    There are websites that pay you to play games. But they have rules and guidelines you have to follow. One site I know is Bananatic. Try checking it out to see if it's for you. The main way of earning there is by testing games and taking screen shots of your completed tasks.
  8. Steve5

    Are you a business minded people?

    I've had a similar experience. But mine wasn't so much that they were scam sites. It was more like they're not worth the time. I'm just glad I've found what works for me. I'm sure many of us are earning lots of money. It's about how much time and effort you're willing to invest in what you do on a daily basis.
  9. Steve5

    Playing games

    It could be a skill thing. Like how some people are better at other stuff and vice-versa. You can never really tell until you play the games yourself. It's also funny how you're awesome at playing a certain game and completely amateur with a different one. One factor might be how long you play it and how well you understand the mechanics involved.
  10. Steve5

    Are you a business minded people?

    I agree. It's also inspiring to learn how he started. He took a big risk in his attempt to make a living out of playing games. Even his parents had their doubts. Felix had a lot riding on his online streaming. So when it turned out that he was right, I could only imagine the joy he felt. That's also true. The market easily becomes saturated once others find success. Just like how there are now many aspiring Youtubers. There are so many people imitating what original Youtubers did. Such is the influence of possibly making it big. This isn't far from acting where people want to become rich and famous.
  11. Steve5

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    My favorite social media site is Facebook. It's just a very useful site for communication. It's also helpful for promoting stuff like businesses and promotional purposes. In fact, lots of people admit that they can't live without it. I can relate somehow since I'm using it to stay connected with family and friends.
  12. Steve5

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    I'd have to agree. Online sites can be somewhat tiring and addictive. So a good rest is always beneficial. Even sites where we work regularly can become stressful if overdone. We can't function well if we're too anxious or overworked. Just be conscious of how you're feeling. You'll know when you're in need of a break.
  13. I haven't really used it that much. Like you, I've always relied on good old fashioned chargers. But I can see the necessity for it these days. People just need extended use for their devices. And most of the time, they're not within an area where chargers can be used. So a power bank comes handy.
  14. Steve5

    Are you a business minded people?

    Well, that's how things go. Most of these skeptics end up losing the bet with those who proved them wrong. It's hilarious how quickly they decide to follow successful online entrepreneurs. As long as it's proven to work, they'll want to follow suit for money's sake.
  15. Steve5

    Playing games

    Yes, it sounds so simple. But doing it is really another thing. I guess games are developed with human psychology in mind. They know that most players will have a mindset that keeps them from moving on quickly to another game. That's what Getting Over It proved.