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  1. I do have one, but I don't regularly use it since I am always at home. If my memory serves me right, the last time I used it was two months ago when we experienced a power interruption, and I am running low on batteries. For people who are in the field and use their phones a lot, it's a must (medical representatives, drivers). However, I know a few field agents who use a separate bar phone (usually from Nokia or Cherry Mobile) to contact their clients and customers to save on battery life on their smartphones.
  2. NerdIndeed

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Man, I laughed so hard with this. But likewise, I do not give a crap about how or what others are doing since I'm so busy living my own. I only get to know news or gossips about other people if they come over at my house. I strictly use Facebook for business purposes, nothing more.
  3. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    You're very welcome. And I hope you do enjoy your Nokia 3310 come December. Hoping that it will come pre-installed with the games you mentioned. All the best!
  4. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    I know I'm the one who did wrong. But on my defense, he's seriously boring and dull. Like all he does is read what is written on the textbook and add a little information here and there, we might as well read it ourselves.
  5. NerdIndeed

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    I see, Thanks! I might do take long walks myself and see if it does change my mood. I'm not a big fan get-together since most of the time I'm the one who needs to spend since most of them are thrifty, haha!
  6. NerdIndeed

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    I'd love to play The Ghost of Tsushima, an upcoming action-adventure game for the PS4. Rumor has it that the game might be released in 2018 although no definite date as to exactly when. The game revolves around the last samurai on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan played from a third-person perspective and is open world.
  7. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    I'm not sure if the unit still has the old games that come installed with it years ago. But the good thing is it's not that expensive. I know prices go around between $40-$50. It's a good backup phone for text messaging if ever your main one suddenly malfunction and such.
  8. NerdIndeed

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    Where do you usually go? I want to do that as well and come back feeling inspired and excellent. When I go outside, I get stressed more because I have to spend, LOL.
  9. I never knew the King of Pop created music for a video game, cool. I think there are a lot of lesser-known artists who venture in this field too. It also serves as a good stepping stone as sometimes they become more popular right after the game is released to the market.
  10. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    I see, now I know what you mean. I never had the privilege of owning a Nokia 3310 before. But I believe the model has made a comeback today and now sports a colored screen, let me post a photo of it.
  11. NerdIndeed

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    Oh! I remember one time during one of my tech training, I was playing a locally installed Poker game on the PC during class. I was so into it back then that when the river came up, I shouted "Badtrip!" so loud that the instructor heard it and stopped lecturing because he realized most of us were not paying attention, haha! He continued, but he's now wearing an annoyed face right after. I felt sorry for what I did so I apologized to him when the class was over.
  12. NerdIndeed

    Do You Have a Fave Video Game That Features FOOD!

    I'll immediately head over to the PlayStore and check it out. Thanks!
  13. NerdIndeed

    Favorite movies

    I'm sure you love to watch TV series from Korea too. And because of that, I recommend you to check out kissasian.sh and download those koreanovelas for free.
  14. NerdIndeed

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    To the TS, go for at least an Intel i3 (now on 8th gen) to get the most out of your system. I have an Intel Celeron laptop last year with four gigs of RAM, and I am so disappointed that a month later I bought a new one and sold the Celeron for 15% less. Regarding brands, I am always in favor of Dell for no specific reason whatsoever. I'm weird.
  15. NerdIndeed

    Your thoughts about Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

    I remember when this came out. It was such a big deal, well at least for me as the animation was so realistic. I still think it holds up. When I've seen it, I thought it had real people. However, I do agree with everyone, theirs not much about the story and the script was lousy-made.