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  1. I like moba games more. I am currently playing Mobile Legend and I already on this games for years but still not getting bored. It's a nice way to kill time. It is also the best MOBA games for me. Much more fun if you play with friends.
  2. I would definitely choose Pikachu not because he is the pokemon of the main character. I like that he's an electric type. Pikachu is also cute; that is one of his advantages lol.
  3. blackmist


    The pictures are taken beautifully. Practice make' s perfect so I'm sure you will improve more your skills in photography. I'm also new to photography and I'm starting to like it.
  4. Dragon ball for me would still be the best. I always go home early just to watch it. The characters are so cool and watching those those powers they have it will make you hope that you also are like them. I'm only dissapointed by the continuation which is a Japanese version, it will only make you mad by just watching it. It is better if they create different character than just basing it to the original one.
  5. For me it would be inuyashiki. It's a nice anime to watch. I expected that the main character will soon become a hero or something or maybe will soon start an adventure on his own [PLEASE NO SPOILERS]. I hope that they will make a season two [PLEASE NO SPOILERS].
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