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  1. I do not have any particular favorite social media because I use different social media platforms correspondingly to its own uses. For example, I like Facebook because I like browsing people's status and I like YouTube because you can easily find good videos there that you need and that you want to watch, and so on.
  2. Really? Michael Jackson wrote a music for video games? Well, that surprised me a bit. But does that mean that Michael Jackson also once became a gamer before? If yes, I wonder what kind of video games he likes to play. Great trivia, by the way. At least I have an idea now and I'm looking forward to know a lot more when I search it.
  3. Cool. Honestly, this is my first time hearing about that game. I appreciate your thought of sharing it here and I got interested. Since it is somehow similar to GTA, I'll ask my brother who is quite like to play GTA a lot than me so that we can try and review Sleeping Dogs. The first thing that got me curious about is its title. I wonder why they named it as Sleeping Dogs.
  4. I also prefer both. If I can afford to buy a MAC computer then why not. I also want to experience their product and platform. In fact, I'm curious about how MAC computers work and what are their features differ from the other platforms. But me and my family use Microsoft for a long time now and well it's fine. Microsoft has all features that I need for now, so no need for me to force to buy MAC which I can't afford yet, but I have plan to use MAC in the future.
  5. It depends on your needs. If you want to do something more than what laptops can do, then go and buy desktop. If you think laptop is enough for you to do your works and other stuffs, use laptop then. You can also bring your laptop with you anywhere because it is portable. But desktop can do greater things such as you can play games which are only played in desktop.
  6. Honestly, I have tried once before and it happened few years ago. I used to go to a computer shop before and there are other people there playing computer games. They are playing counter strike that time and unfortunately they need one more player to complete the group members. When I hear it, I didn't hesitate to join them since I know how to play CS. They are all completely strangers to me and it's a good thing that they let me joined. Of course, I gave my best and my group won the game. After that some of them became my friends. But that is my first and last attempt to interact with strangers.
  7. I never play games which are not my taste, so I think what really motivates me to play a games is probably how exciting the game is. The good side when I play a game which I find great, it actually takes away my stress or any down feeling inside of me. It is just like playing video games is a good friend of mine. Good friend always makes you smile and happy, that what's really matters.
  8. I spend my weekends of quality time with my family, for my self, and going our to church of course. But what I like the most and what I really enjoy is spending half of my weekend time on a ride with my brother. It is just a like a bonding, and we both enjoy it. It also makes our bond as siblings stronger. We get closer and closer to each other, unlike before that we don't talk too much. No good communication, but now I'm really glad how far we've come of our bond through cycling.
  9. I haven't tried to play mobile games while having a class. I'm a good student way back, so I prefer to listen to my teachers/professors. Lol. Though I'm also one of those students who love to play mobile games while there's no teacher for the mean time. I can even play games while I'm talking with my friends/seatmate. It's called multi-tasking and I like doing that. Lol.
  10. I'm looking forward to play games in virtual reality concept. Especially those games introducing horror and amusement park themes. I'm also excited with its other version - the augmented reality. Though I'm not quite sure if I'll be liking it because it doesn't seem really nice when I watched some demonstrations of it, but I appreciate the improvement and innovation in our technologies so I want to try them to have a new experience in gaming.
  11. Honestly, I used to play video games a lot before esp. during school days but not too often. But now that I am already an adult with responsibilities, I have to prioritize first the things I need to do like in my career and for helping my family. To answer the question, I can stay too long not playing my favorite video games that I used to play. But of course, as a gamer, we have the feeling of missing one thing that makes us happy and excited so in the end you will play it again sometimes. My longest time without any video gaming activities is 2 months.
  12. I have just recently discovered this interesting mobile game called Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. It is a RPG stickman fighting game. Why it is interesting? Because I find it really enjoying game. There are actually a lot of things that you need to remember in order to upgrade your character in this game. Honestly, I'm not really fond of so much features in a game but I become addicted to it eventually. And I also play this game together with my friends, in fact they are the one who introduces me to the game and it is a good thing also that I like it. We talk a lot about it and we learn from each other as well because we share what we know. You can also check it out guys if you are a fan of a stickman game.
  13. This one's my favorite lunafreya x noctis cosplays! For me this is the most badass cosplay for this couple from FFXV. Have you guys seen this photo as well before? I really like how they manage to look like a real FFXV characters. Lunafreya's cosplayer here is so sexy, just like Luna herself and Noctis is so good looking in this photo. Also, I like how they project themselves to the camera! They are such a pro! It looks really sophisticated, elegant, and high class, isn't it? What do you think of it guys?
  14. mitan143

    Favorite movies

    I really like watching Marvel's movies. My favorite one is about The Avengers. I like movies with full of angst and a lot of powers. Also, movies with so much animations - well of course it should be as amazing as how Hollywood creates movies like that. Sounds too common, yes? Well, I'm just really a big fan of cool animations and angst. But I also consider the story and it's a good thing that they are all good in terms of storylines.
  15. Hi, Kuzma! It's nice to hear that and welcome to our forum! You know when I see your name, I got interested because it sounds unusual. I searched for it right away and I got an information of Kyle Kuzma who is actually a NBA player and a member of Lakers. Did you get the name from him? Sorry if I don't relate with the name because I'm not really a fan of basketball, that's why I'm not familiar with famous NBA players - well except for Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Duran, and Stephen Curry. Pardon me for talking about NBA players too much even though I'm not quiet sure yet if you really got the name from Kyle Kuzma.
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