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    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I have just recently discovered this interesting mobile game called Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. It is a RPG stickman fighting game. Why it is interesting? Because I find it really enjoying game. There are actually a lot of things that you need to remember in order to upgrade your character in this game. Honestly, I'm not really fond of so much features in a game but I become addicted to it eventually. And I also play this game together with my friends, in fact they are the one who introduces me to the game and it is a good thing also that I like it. We talk a lot about it and we learn from each other as well because we share what we know. You can also check it out guys if you are a fan of a stickman game.
  2. mitan143

    Favorite Final Fantasy Cosplay

    This one's my favorite lunafreya x noctis cosplays! For me this is the most badass cosplay for this couple from FFXV. Have you guys seen this photo as well before? I really like how they manage to look like a real FFXV characters. Lunafreya's cosplayer here is so sexy, just like Luna herself and Noctis is so good looking in this photo. Also, I like how they project themselves to the camera! They are such a pro! It looks really sophisticated, elegant, and high class, isn't it? What do you think of it guys?
  3. mitan143

    Favorite movies

    I really like watching Marvel's movies. My favorite one is about The Avengers. I like movies with full of angst and a lot of powers. Also, movies with so much animations - well of course it should be as amazing as how Hollywood creates movies like that. Sounds too common, yes? Well, I'm just really a big fan of cool animations and angst. But I also consider the story and it's a good thing that they are all good in terms of storylines.
  4. mitan143

    Pleased to meet you.

    Hi, Kuzma! It's nice to hear that and welcome to our forum! You know when I see your name, I got interested because it sounds unusual. I searched for it right away and I got an information of Kyle Kuzma who is actually a NBA player and a member of Lakers. Did you get the name from him? Sorry if I don't relate with the name because I'm not really a fan of basketball, that's why I'm not familiar with famous NBA players - well except for Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Duran, and Stephen Curry. Pardon me for talking about NBA players too much even though I'm not quiet sure yet if you really got the name from Kyle Kuzma.
  5. Does my comparison to Emma Watson and Lunafreya from FF XV makes any sense? I don't know but I feel like they are look-alike and their facial expressions seems a bit the same too. This is actually the first thing that cross my mind about this thread topic, and I'm sorry but I haven't seen any resemblances to ordinary people (like people I know) yet. PS: Please pardon my comparison editing skill.
  6. mitan143


    I'm not an expert when it comes to photography either, but I can say that the subject and the angles of your photos are amazing. It may look ordinary because of its quality but I like how you take a picture of your subject. It's so relaxing to look at those photos and maybe refreshing as well. And I'd suggest that if you ever want to pursue photography, maybe you can improve its quality. It seems like quiet foggy because of the light, I think?
  7. mitan143

    Favorite Final Fantasy Music

    Well, technically I like the latest Final Fantasy music which are all its soundtrack. In fact, there's a certain video on YouTube that features FF XV full soundtrack and I listen to it every time I'm down or whenever I feel like listening to it. Sometimes it takes away my frustration on something. For me, FF XV's soundtracks are just on point, it isn't heavy in the ears to hear.
  8. mitan143


    Well, it's either you have the determination and passion to learn how to cook or your wife will get enough of your cooking skills. But you just have to wait until she tells you that she's already a bit sick of its taste. But here's my good advise, if you really want to level up your cooking skill, first follow carefully some video tutorials or cooking tips from whatever resources you have and then put it on your heart while you're cooking. Love it, just like how much you love your wife. If you fail at first, don't give up just try your best again. Good luck! PS: Not a good advise though.
  9. mitan143

    The good Samaritan!

    I did something I couldn't imagine that I could. It happened few years ago. Well, not for other people but to my little sister. It actually almost cost my life. This is what happened - my family and I went on a resort and of course we are very excited to have fun in the swimming pool. Unfortunately, me and my little sister decided to try the 6 feet pool. We were actually both young at that time and we couldn't think how dangerous it is to dive in that deep water knowing that we were both have no idea how to swim. In short, we're not swimmers. We jumped on to the pool but we have a lifebuoy so we're not actually going deep down. But the horrible thing is that the lifebuoy doesn't support two people. We were struggling that time already and my little sister is on panic. It seems like, in our situation, one of us should let go. My mind gave me a quick thought of what if I don't still let go, maybe we will both be on danger. That's why I decided to let my little sister hang on the lifebuoy and for my self - I don't know, I was already going deep down in the water and I was drinking so much water as well. The only thing that I prioritized that time is to save my little sister so only one of us might die. Yes, dying is already in my mind from that situation - and I chose my self. But luckily! There's someone who save me too! I thank Lord God to give me another chance and I swear that I'll be more careful next time. Of course I also prayed and thanked that person who saved me.
  10. mitan143

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    Honestly, my favorite pokemon is Jigglypuff! I think you guys already know why. It's because he is very cute, looks fluffy, and pink. I like it also that he loves to sing which is one of my habit now and his habit of leaving some doodles on the face who falls asleep by his song. I may sound old school and not totally a fan but I really feel it that my heart goes to jigglypuff. If only I can do it too in real life what he does when somebody falls asleep when he sings. Just kidding.
  11. Not at all. Honestly, it's the other way around. I became more sociable when I started to play online video games. I even initiate to have a conversation with my co-players. Being friendly on game is good and an advantage for you too. When you gain friends, it is easy for you now to play the game because you're learning from other players as well. Sometimes you can also talk to them with personal matters that's why it is also important to improve your social personality.
  12. Okay, so speaking of anime that turns me emotional. Who else here know the anime Kyoukai no Kanata? The main characters are Mirai Kuriyama who is a girl with a curse blood (it is also her weapon which she can turn into a powerful sword that eliminates demons), and Akihito Kanbara who is a boy with a powerful demon deep within his soul. What it makes me emotional is on the part that Mirai sacrifices herself and her wish to live together with Akihito just to save him. This anime is also full angst that's why I really like it too.
  13. mitan143

    What do you think of Ardyn? Final Fantasy XV

    Yes, I'm hoping for them to finally release it. I badly want to know too. Well, it somehow disappoints me knowing that Noctis' family are the bad guys. But I don't dislike Ardyn either.
  14. mitan143

    Hi to everyone!

    I just joined in this forum today! 29th September, 2018. And I just want to express my greetings to everyone here too! Hello my fellow FF fans/fanatics! I'm looking forward to have a wonderful conversation with you. I appreciate my luck to be able to join to a forum where we can talk about one of our favorite series as well as its game version.