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  1. junrose123

    Your favorite season?

    Yes I also like summer because it is very great season for me since I can do a lot of things that I cannot do for other seasons. I sometimes go to the beach and make some swimming activities during summer or having some hiking activities together with my friends and family. It is really great to have summer because it is full of fun and very enjoyable. I wish to have summer every now and then so that I can do everyday those things that really like to do.
  2. junrose123

    How much sleep do you get every day?

    I think most of the time I am not able to compete the 8 hours a day of sleep when I am on my boarding house since I keep working at night since I don't have so much thing to do and I just want to spend it doing some my online sites so that I could still be earning even in just small amounts only. I can only complete or superseded the 8 hours sleep whenever I am with my hometown together with my family because that is the only time that I am not working on my online sites. I give time for my family since it is very rare that I could go home.
  3. junrose123

    What time do you normally take breakfast?

    For me I usually take some breakfast at around 9:00- 10:00 am because it is the time that I feel hungry already, Eating very early is not one of my habit because I don't have much interest to eat in the morning which I really don't know why. Maybe if I eat a breakfast it would be very small amount of food only not unless if it is lunch time and I would surely eat a heavy meal for that.
  4. junrose123

    Do you wear glasses/contacts?

    When I was still studying in college I was wearing an eye glasses but after I graduate I was not anymore using it since I find it to be uncomfortable already. I am not anymore using it since I feel that my eyes is getting blurred whenever I am wearing an eye glasses for a long period of time. I haven't tried to use a contact lens in my entire life since I am afraid of using it that my eyes could be infected with some bacterias, although I just thought of trying to make use of it since I think it is much more convenient than having an eye glasses but after hearing some negative effects of using it I was totally convinced of not using it already.
  5. junrose123

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    Time is really great and important we should not let it be spend for most of online and offline works since we still have some family that needs our precious attention and time. Sometimes that is why I am trying to work hard just because of being ambitious at some point even though I will sacrifice my time for my family. I want to give them all their needs and want and to give also a better future that is why I am working hard. The good thing is that my partner is very understanding and supportive for every plans that I would make. Honestly I really don't want to have this kind of life that is very busy for doing much work just to earn a good living but I am driven away with the necessities. I don't have a choice but to do much work since nothing would happen in my life if I would be lazy which I really don't want to happen if possible.
  6. junrose123

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Sometimes I do watched some site reviews on YouTube whenever I want to have some idea on a particular new site that I want to join. It is really good for me to have an advance knowledge on a certain site that I want to work with. It gives me the feeling of security and confidence that I will really have to join it and therefore it would not really scammed me later on since it is very hard now to trust. We need to be smart and advance in anyways for our own benefits and protection.
  7. junrose123

    What is your favorite hobby?

    I think for now my favorite hobby is to work online since I am enjoying it very much, I am earning from it while at the same having some fun and new learning which I really like the most. Working online leads me to become time conscious that I really need to make use of my precious time for things that would really benefit me most. It is good to work on my online sites than wasting my time for playing some games for the whole day and end up nothing which is really a waste of time in my own opinion.
  8. junrose123

    Is paid to post forums worth it for our time?

    I really believe that post to paid forums are really worth for our time since I am earning a decent amount of income every month which is really great to have. I have never expected how helpful these forums to me and that in the future it would really helps me to buy those things that I want and most especially to pay for my monthly bills and installments which is one of the benefits that I am enjoying now.
  9. junrose123

    The good Samaritan!

    I think that no matter how bad other people their are still some goodness in their hearts, I believe that in due time there will always be some good Samaritan that are willing to help other people who are in need of help without expecting some return for their hard work and sacrifice. I think that it is the true essence of the good Samaritan which is to do good things in his fellowmen, and I am glad that there are still some people who are doing these nowadays . No matter how hard the situation that we are facing now, still we do not forget to help and share our blessings to other people.
  10. junrose123

    Spender or a saver?

    I think it would really hard for me if I will not have a saving since I will not have some sources of money whenever I am experiencing some financial crisis. I know that it is very tough to save especially that nowadays that the inflation rate in my country is very high, we are experiencing a high price in the basic commodities that we consumed most. I will still find some ways on how I could have a saving just like for buying only those important things that I need and just let go those that are really doesn't needed much.
  11. junrose123

    Spender or a saver?

    I think that we need to save more if possible so that we can have something in times of great needs, time is very hard to deal with. We will never know what will gonna happen every minute of the day that is why it is better if we can have a lot of savings so that we will have no problem in the future.
  12. junrose123

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    Sometimes I do like chatting with my friends and family on my Facebook account so that I can stay updated on the latest happenings with them. I also watch and read some news on my social media accounts which are really great because I can make many things from it.
  13. junrose123

    Gaming on mobile vs Gaming on console

    I like to play some arcade game in my mobile just like the newest mortal kombat game because the special effects and graphics are really great. It is very realistic that is why I feel addicted to play for it. Anther hing that makes me interested to play for the game is having some new features and characters that I have never came across before when I was playing the old version from it.
  14. junrose123

    Do you take a break from your online sites?

    Whenever I am taking a break from my online sites I am spending my precious time for my family since I want them to be happy and to have a bonding with them even in just a short period of time. I find it to be relaxing and convenient to have a break since it relieves me from so much stress from working.
  15. junrose123

    Are you a business minded people?

    Yes I agree that it is been one of the diseases of our fellowmen for a longer period of time already, being lazy even though we can make things possible on our own efforts are already been the main problem in our country. I wished that our fellowmen must be hard working and be smart in a ways since we can do much better if we will just have the imitative to look for some ways to make some extra money instead of playing some games or having a sleep in the afternoon. We must make use of our precious time at the fullest if possible.