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  1. Collecting trivia on a variety of topics is a fun thing for me. Since I've joined this forum and my husband likes to play the guitar I wondered if there was some sort of trivia I could find out about guitar music and video games. TRIVIA: There are 5 famous musicians who wrote music for video games. Sir Paul McCartney is one of them. Michael Jackson is another. Want to know the other three? Answer.
  2. cmoneyspinner

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    When I first responded I was thinking about gambling. But reviewing some of the comments I realize that there are people who are paid to “test” games. However, when I suggested it to my kids they said they didn't want to be bored testing games they didn't like. I balked and said “You can make money playing the games.” They're like “We don't care!” What can I say? Some people just want to play games for fun!
  3. I also like Chocobos. You will probably think my reasoning is silly but it kind of reminds me of Big Bird from the Sesame Street children program. https://monster.fandom.com/wiki/Chocobo
  4. Decided to add a cover photo.  I like vintage art, especially flowers.


  5. cmoneyspinner

    What's Your Favorite Anime of all time?

    I would not exactly put this series at top of my faves list. YET. I started watching it and didn't finish because I got distracted doing something else. But the story line is very interesting and I would like to know how it ends. This anime series is called Attack on Titan. My kids watch Death Note and Hunter X Hunter.
  6. cmoneyspinner

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    DeviantArt is also an excellent choice; not just for anime art but for all kinds of art. They have some amazingly talents artists at that site. I actually found DeviantArt through Tumblr because many people share art found at DA via Tumblr.
  7. cmoneyspinner

    Do You Have a Fave Video Game That Features FOOD!

    Ding ding ding! That's my fake bell alarm. For the month of October when I visit a forum or community and "pizza" is mentioned I re-mention it so that I can say that I'm celebrating National Pizza Month . October is National Pizza Month in the USA. It's also National Apple Month. But more people mention pizza than they do apples.
  8. cmoneyspinner

    What is your favorite old computer game?

    When you look back and see where we are today it is pretty incredible that it was pioneering technology. What really upsets me is that I bought devices for my kids to play these games as "toys". If I had known that 2 decades later I would be able to resell those electronic devices on eBay as "retro" and make money I would have made my kids take better care of them. Those "toys" represent the history of gaming technology and collectors buy them!
  9. Years ago I noticed my daughter had a Tumblr blog. She's an artist. I thought the platform was just for artists. Later on I found out that anybody could use the platform. It was free to create an account. So I created an account and discovered that Tumblr is a great source for cool anime art!! Some of the artists are amazing! Like What about you? Where do you go to find cool anime art?
  10. cmoneyspinner

    What is your favorite old computer game?

    DId you say "old"? How about PAC-MAN? I don't know if it counts. "Pac-Man is a series of video games. The original arcade game, Pac-Man, was released in 1980 by Namco and published in North America by Midway. "(Wikipedia)
  11. cmoneyspinner

    What's Your Favorite Anime of all time?

    I was also going to say Avatar. But then I found out there was debate over whether it is an anime. https://www.quora.com/Does-Avatar-The-Last-Airbender-count-as-anime If it is ever decided that it is an anime, It's my favorite.
  12. cmoneyspinner

    Which Kingdom Hearts game is your favorite?

    My daughter enjoys playing Kingdom Hearts games a lot. I think KINGDOM HEARTS III would be my favorite if I played. But I don't play the games. I just watch my kids play.
  13. cmoneyspinner

    Best time to go to bed?

    Yes. You have described my "sleep distress" perfectly. I sometimes wonder if it's in the genes. I notice that some of my kids have dark curtains in their rooms to block out the sunlight. They never complain about having sleeping problems. But those dark curtains are hard to ignore.
  14. cmoneyspinner

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    I never liked playing games for money. It takes the fun out of playing the games.
  15. cmoneyspinner

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    I don't have a favorite. But if I picked based on how easy the social media site is to use I would pick Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, then Instagram.