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  1. superlicca

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    The price is just amazing. It is good to have this kind of phone aside from my Android phone. I think I'm gonna buy in December. I just wish that the old games are still there. I just miss the old days. This was the first phone that my mother had. I did not own this phone since I was just a kid when this model was released. But I always borrowed this phone from my mom to play games. I remember that there were other brands of phone like Alcatel and Motorola. Thank you for the information.
  2. superlicca

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    Wow! Those phones look great! I like their colors too. I wonder if these new models still have the old games. My phone is a touch screen but if I will have a budget, I would love to buy this model. This phone reminds me of my childhood days.
  3. superlicca

    What game do you look forward to playing soon?

    I want to try the Pokemon Quest. My friends say that it is fun to play and a great timekiller. Hopefully, I will be able to download it next week.
  4. Wow! That is great to know. Honestly, I am not aware that these singers created a music for video games. And it is good to know the people behind that beautiful music.
  5. superlicca

    Did you use to play games while in class?

    It was on the 3310 Nokia. Do you know the Sungka game which is a Philippine mancala game? It is similar to Bantumi.
  6. superlicca

    Do you like eating snacks while playing games?

    Popcorn is good! I also try to eat carefully to make sure that my keyboard won't get any food. And I agree that overeating can happen when playing games since your focus is on game and you don't watch what you eat.
  7. superlicca

    Playing games for fun or for money?

    Same here. For me, playing games is for fun and relaxation. Playing games for money is not enjoyable. You will get a lot of pressure to play it perfectly since there is a money involved.
  8. superlicca

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    I did not know that. I thought HP was a good brand. I am using this brand for one year and I never encountered any issue yet when it comes to the device. I did not go to any shop to have it repaired. It is the specs that are not good with this device. But thanks a lot for your information.
  9. superlicca

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    Thanks. ASUS is the brand of the laptop that my sister uses. I never tried this brand before but people say that it is one of the best brands for Laptop. I am currently using HP laptop and it is good. The only problem is the loading issue when opening another tab and this is because of the specs.
  10. superlicca

    Best brand and specs of laptop

    Thanks. I heard that i3 and above are recommended for those who work online. But they are too pricey. I think, I need to have more budget to buy the right device.
  11. I have my old laptop but I am planning to buy a new one since this laptop gives me a low performance. It takes time to load or open another tab. I think this is something to do with the fact that I only use Intel Celeron. Do you have any suggestions for the brand or specs of laptop that I should check first before buying? Your opinion is much appreciated.
  12. superlicca

    Favorite movies

    Same here, I don't like Horror movies since I would get nightmares. Although I like listening to some horror stories, watching this kind of movies is not a good idea.
  13. superlicca

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    It is just the Pinterest that I always check to find some anime arts and I love it. I am not aware of the other source mentioned by the other member but thanks for sharing them. Pinterest is great, you will see a lot of collection of arts.
  14. superlicca

    What is your favorite old computer game?

    Yes, Pacman is counted and I used to play this game many times before. It was so exciting to play and I used to panic when I played this game.
  15. superlicca

    Do You Have a Fave Video Game That Features FOOD!

    I remember that game. My cousin and I used to play this game at their house since they had a Nintendo. But I was not able to play it many times. At that time, we did not have a Nintendo DS that is why I had to go to my cousin's house to play it.