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  1. nrnlss

    Favorite Final Fantasy Cosplay

    this girl is really beautiful, what is her name?
  2. nrnlss

    Favorite Final Fantasy Cosplay

    I don't know any csplayer, since I am not really into that but the pictures of the cosplayers in this thread are really good.
  3. nrnlss

    Favorite Final Fantasy Cosplay

    wow this girl is very gorgeous. What is her name?
  4. nrnlss

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    I agree with you and we regret it later on in our life hahahaa.
  5. nrnlss

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    well I am the last one who posted here, so I think I am the winner, not you. hahahaha
  6. nrnlss

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    I really want ti win something, even if this is a stupid game I am gonna win hahaha
  7. nrnlss

    Favorite Mobile Game

    my favorite mobile games are Clash of clans and rules of survival. It is really a good game, especially if you have a team.
  8. nrnlss

    What is your favorite hobby?

    Aside from playing games, I read books and shop a if I have a money to buy something.
  9. nrnlss

    The good Samaritan!

    What you did is really good, I was a good samaritan to a stranger with an ill father, he was asking for money that time so I gave him all of my money and send it to his account, it was not much since i was still a student that time, but I was really proud of myself for giving him the money.
  10. nrnlss

    How do you always spend your weekend?

    I usually play a video game, do my school works or read some books. It depends on how many left works I have, but if I am free from work I spend my weekend with a book or a console, sometimes with a shopping bag, but since I am broke it is rare.
  11. nrnlss

    Have you ever hacked a game?

    I never hacked a game, nor tried to hacked one. Tho I used cheat sometimes, when I was younger, but hacking a game never came across my mind. I don't even know how to hacked a social media, so I don't have a chance hacking a game.
  12. nrnlss

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    that's unfortunate, but at least you are forced to go to school hahaha.
  13. I have watched an anime(I think it was a movie) before about a spirit or something that will vanished if he touched a human, it has a really, really sad ending. I forgot what is the title of that anime but it was really tragic and I died a little watching it.
  14. I've never thought that one of The Beatles members have written music for a video game/s, also it was amazing to know that they did. I don't know much about Michael Jackson, but it was also surprising to know that he have written a music in video game.
  15. nrnlss

    Have you watched Flame of Recca?

    I've grown up watching this anime series, I can't remember if this one was aired with the same year as ghost fighter or is it sooner or later. What I can remember is that it was a really great anime series it was both funny and thrilling.