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  1. If there is nothing I have to do, I sleep betweem 8-10 hours. But if I had to do work or study, I only sleep for about six hours or lower. I am not even able to go get some sleep sometimes. I do all my work all night since it is more peaceful and quiet were I could do my work comfortably without anyone interrupting me. The only hindrance is that I get sleepy in which I have to drink coffee to counter that. After revising something that I have to submit next day, I'll go take a bath, eat, prepare, etc and listen to music on my way to school so that I won't sleepy that much. My school's curriculum includes too much attention that demands too much time.
  2. No. My father used to play all sorts of game with me. He even playex WWE with me on Playstation 1. Also, as a child, I used to play games that are actually not suited for my age because of gore and violece. Prototype 1 to be specific. My parents just allow me to play whatever I want as long as I know what I am doing. If I were to become a parent in the future (in which I plan to of course), I too will let my children play any video game and I will even play with them so that I could guide them.
  3. I have enjoyed playing Final Fantasy VII, IV, and VI, in rank respectively. FFVII has the best gameplay overall and I enjoyed it pretty much. In terms of story I can't really decide which one was the greatest because all of them had great stories. Maybe it would be VII first, IV being the second, and VI again beimg the last. In setting, it is hard to choose because it would be unfair since FF VII had a greater map. I guess FF VII would go first again, now FF VI being the second, and FF IV being the last. I enjoyed that there are more things you can do in FF VII that's why I ranked it first. Second is FF VI because I enjoyed the time where everything looks distorted and damaged. Finally, FF IV because I enjoyed that magic is natural in that era and there are a lot of things that magic can do in that time.
  4. Can't remember much of this game since I have played this game for years already. From what I can remember, Kain was really one of the strongest character in Final Fantasy IV and I think that he can really go on par with Cecil. They are both known for being strong as told in the story and I don't think it would be much of a surprise if Kain defeats Cecil in the story.
  5. The Final Fantasy series are known for their combat system which what will the turn-based combat system. I also enjoy gameplays that are similar to Kingdom Hearts, but I am not really sure if changing the traditional combat system of Final Fantasy into that would be the best action. I just hope that the rumored remake Final Fantasy VII who was told to adapt the new combat system would not be a flop and would be even better then the original.
  6. Final Fantasy VII for me. The game has a really good story line, good game system on how you are going to build your characters, a good soundtrack. It is the most packaged Final Fantasy game for me. It got so famous for being good and is even subjected for having a remake. I suppose that this is the most legendary Final Fantasy game ever created. I also enjoyed other Final Fantasy game, but this one is still the best for me.
  7. Chilling. No kidding. That includes, playing games, listening to music, making a reasearch about things I am interested in. I am a person who enjoys my time only laying in bed and playing with my phone or on my laptop. When I get bored on the game or I get too tired, I then move to making a research of the things I am interested in. Maybe searching for a new game, checking new phones (that I really can't even afford to buy one) and even listening to new music.
  8. Cloud, Sephiroth, Cecil, Terra, Celes. Cloud js my favorite because he was a failed experiment that turned out to be the strongest among all. Sephiroth was next because he had a really cool appearance and he looks even stronger than Cloud at first look. Cecil, he had a dark past wherein he was even a dark knight turned white knight or Paladin. Terra, she was a really unique character. She was a a half esper and half human who had the power of an esper and can even turn to an esper. Celes, was a general who was supposedly an enemy. She is capable of casting magic and was artificially imbued with it to make use of magic. Her ability to absorb magic was really helpful in the game. She was a very valuable character whem you have to divide the teams in the game.
  9. In Final Fantasy VII, where you finally be able to finish off Sephiroth. The fight was intense, especially if you fought him too early and was on the maximum level. The fight scene had a really amusing background music and the effects of Sephiroth attack made it look like the attack was really strong and terrifying. It was also the final fight so it feels like you are strong already to fight off the final boss of the game. Still, he wasn't the strongest enemy there and I shouldn't have had finish the game early. I should've leveled up more and defeated the two weapons before Sephiroth.
  10. I have seen a video where it looks like the game would be played in like a third person view. It doesn't have the old gameplay where you would take turns between the enemy. The gameplay that the Final Fantasy series had been its trademark but it looks like they're planning to change it to adapt with new modern games. However, many of us still prefer the old gameplay. All I could say is that I hope that the remake would be phenomenal as much as the original one did. I hope it will be one of the best selling games or one of the most popular games of all time once again. I really loved the game so much.
  11. Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game I finished. I was even too eager to finish the game already and fight Sephiroth already. Every time I get to fight strong bosses such as Jenova, I get so really hyped and want to know how strong I have built my characters. One thing I regret in finishing the game too early was that I wasn't able to grow strong enough to defeat the Ruby and Emerald Weapons. Planning to play it again soon. Hoping that the rumored remake would be released already. How I missed those days. I really love the game so much and I also hope that the remake won't be disappointing.
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