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  1. To love or to be loved?

  2. I didn’t wear anything either of the two.If you are going to ask me which i prefer more is the glasses compared to contact lenses. According to what I have read contact lenses is dangerous to our health because involves touching with our bare hands to put and remove the lenses.Furthermore, once contaminated by bacteria or any microorganism might be fatal especially to our eyes or it may lead to blindness. That is the reason why i prefer glasses than contacts.
  3. When I was in my childhood years I went to my neighbors house just to watch flame of recca because at that time only few people could afford buying tv. Sometimes my neighbors didn’t let us in to their house but it didn’t stop me for watching. I continued watching by peeking at their house holes. The exciting thing about flame of recca is the way he manages to defeat his older brother and how he controlled all the dragons in his arm.
  4. I also agree that this kind of theme fits for this. This look something cool but there are no people wants to stay it the same as like as today.I just want to suggest that you put option that users could choose their own color. Colors tell what kind of person we are and what emotion we are bound to.The more color options given the more engaging the forum will be. This is just only suggestion and I hope it helps.
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