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    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    *Wild Charlie Sheen appears!* WINNING!!
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    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    Uhh...the sky? Seariously though, howdy! XD
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    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    I counter your "Orly?" with my spell card of WINING+1!!
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    THIS! IS!! WINING!!!
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    Happy Birthday mi'lady! Hope you have a good one^.^

  6. I used to rely on the ratings of entertainment like a moron. Now, I look a rating and be like "We'll see". Using Anime as an example: Outbreak company is rated MA15+ and at worst has minimal nudity and low level violence. Ikki Tousen is also rated MA15+ but has high levels of violence, moderate sex scenes, moderate to high nudity, minor levels of gore and a few other things. We Without Wings is R18 and has moderite to high levels of nudity and sexual content (no sex scenes or references of). Dragon Ball (insert letter or word here) is, on average rated M/M15+ and has moderate to high levels of violence, depictions of death, dismemberment, gore (rather toned down but it IS there), sexual references and a myriad of other things. See how messed up and wrong the rating system is? outbreak Company should be no more than M at WORST. Ikki Tousen is actually in the right spot but they could pretty easily move it to R18. We Without Wings should be no higher than MA15+ period. Dragon Ball is just to all over the place to give a solid rating but on average should be no lower than M and no higher than MA15+. A non Anime example (but still not a game) is RoboCop. when the original released, it was classified R18+ but now is no higher than M15+ ( one could attest this change to desensatisation and changes in regulation, but it makes no sense for such a high rating to drop so low). As far as games are concerned, they seem to be about right on average in my experience. There are a few I would lower the rating of (MediEvil being an example. It was M15+ at release but should really be PG at worst as i have seen more messed up stuff in a single muppets movie). Well....anyways, thats my 2 cents worth.
  7. GRAV

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    *lamenting sigh* Victory is such a short lived thing. One minute ye be win and lord and the next ye be lost and sour. BY THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE!! I!! AM!! WINING!!
  8. GRAV

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    This was years ago now=/ I have only just got back my 24-32hour waking powahs!XD Being old sucksV.V This seems like it were meant ofr a different thread.
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    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    As the only previous winner (quite literally i was the last person to post in the last iteration of this forum and there for was the winner) I can quite accurately say that you really don't want to win as it means the death of this here fourm place thing. Alsos...... meesa winining!
  10. GRAV

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    I would have gamed longer but... it gets pretty hard to read things and your reaction times and logic making kinda.... goes out the window=/ I've actually spent a whole week awake (not including my two 1 hour naps). I can attest that you do indeed start halucinating after the fourth day (sometimes it won't happen till the fifth). Walking into the kitchen and seeing the Master Chief in gettinng a drink out of the fridge for a grunt is..... undeniably an odd occurance>.>;
  11. GRAV

    Parasite Eve

    Kinda. Most diehard fans of the franchise consider the games to be seperate individual games rather than a joined stroy. As far as a starting point, I would really advise you start with the first game and avoid the third altogether... But thats just my opinionXD
  12. GRAV

    Longest time that you've played a game?

    Ha! FLYFF! Used to love that game... was hella noob at it... never actually...uhh....never got off the first island/tutorial area (this was eons ago back when newbs started on an island)>.> I also commend your 30 hour spree! My longest straight gametime was in the vicinity of 50 hours (I have done this multiple times with games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout and some FF games). Could'nt tell you the exact time as after the 40 hour mark things start to get wierd=/ Not good for the eyesXD
  13. GRAV

    Last Person to Post Here Wins

    By the powers of LAST POST I declare this land as WINNING!!
  14. GRAV

    Parasite Eve

    Depends on how you feel about lore. Technically all three games are seperate and un-related games. That said, the third game is so unrelated from the first two that it may as well be a whole seperate franchise. 1 and 2 are similar in that they both have pre-rendered backgrounds and have a similar control scheme and play style whereas the third game completely changes everything (control scheme, visuals, story concept and so on). Hope that answers your question.
  15. GRAV

    Your Source for Cool Anime Art?

    My go to site(s) for hella wicked cool good awesome Animoo stuffs is pretty much any site with booru on the end of it (i.e. gelbooru and danbooru). Or for the more SFW (kinda) konachan.