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  1. adm1r

    Spender or a saver?

    When i really need something, i can save money. I don't have problem with that. I tend to spend more money on others, then myself. When i'm buying groceries i like to check all the prices first and save as much as possible.
  2. adm1r

    Your thoughts about Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

    Not to mention big financial loss for SquareEnix.
  3. adm1r

    Your thoughts about Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

    I was so excited at first, but when i started watching, i was asking my self where are those monsters, characters and worlds of FF. Nothing. The movie was beautiful for the time. CGI was impressive, but overall, nothing much. Even the story was kinda lame.
  4. All those cute, little monsters like Moogles, Cactuars, Tonberry. I remember first time i encountered Tonberry. Aw, what a cute little mother*****r i said, but when he wiped me out, i was like wtf?! how? with that lamp and that little knife?! sneaky little bastard
  5. adm1r

    Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Hiatus

    Aw, sorry for the late reply. Didn't see, hear or read about this until now. So sad. I hope all goes well for Mr. Uematsu.
  6. adm1r

    What's Your Favorite PS1 Game?

    Ah, the good ol' days Number one, Chrono Cross, then FF series, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Tony Hawk series (especially 2), PES, Gran Turismo, Parasite Eve and all those beautiful RPG's.
  7. adm1r


    Hmmm.... Just be as bad as you can at cooking. Make some really bad meal and then wait and see her reaction
  8. adm1r

    Updated News for FFVII Remake's Battle System

    I would really like old turned base system in the remake.
  9. adm1r

    FFExtreme Forums Return!

    Wish you all the best . Looks good for now.
  10. I think it was FF VII or IX. Can't really remember. It wasn't the first RPG i played, but first one from FF series. After that i don't ever remember, but i know i finished them all (except I and XV), some of them multiple times. I'm currently saving money for PS4 to play XV.
  11. adm1r

    FFExtreme Forums Return!

    Wow. I'm really happy to see the site (kinda) alive again :) I used to check it every now and then.