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About the four tabs in the top right, particularly "Shop"

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Since those all redirect to the front page, I assume they're a work in progress, but there's one thing in particular I'm curious about; the shop.

Is there going to be a store page for staff or members to post their fanmade works? It would be a cool way to encourage people to share Etsy pages or print stores or anywhere else they're selling their fan works. You could quarantine self-promotion to it's own thread so people don't spam, and have the mods add approved links to a storefront that redirects to peoples personal stores.

Another idea would be getting an affiliate link of some kind and using it to raise money for the site. I don't know if you're paying for server space or anything like that, but I've always found Amazon affiliate links a non-intrusive way of raising funds. If there was a cool list of quality merch on the site, I'd be more that willing to buy my next desk decoration through it. 

I'm just spit-balling though. 

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Yeah, all the top tabs are coming when the new site releases.

And, the shop could be that. It's actually planned to be an affiliate shop with preselected Amazon stuff. Basically a way to discover Square Enix merchandise. This will likely be the case and is a way to support the site while getting something at Amazon. Win win.

The one issue with a member Esty listing or so is the possible copyright issues with selling unlicensed Square Enix themed work.

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