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Updated News for FFVII Remake's Battle System

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Ever since the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced at E3 2015, fans have been patiently awaiting any small scrap of news they could about what the remake would encapsulate. With FFVII being available on the Playstation Store already as a revived title, the direction that this remake would take has been in question.
In 2015, alongside the initial announcement, a short trailer [1] was released showing what appeared to be live-action gameplay, similar to FFXV. After that, however, focus was shifted into Kingdom Hearts 3, and FFVII was tabled. In Tetsuya Nomura's own words, the game had been announced too early, but he was concerned about the news breaking out in a different, less official way [2].

Recently, however, a job listing was posted for a 3DCG Designer. As quoted in an article by Tech Spot [3]:



What is of interest is the job description calls it an “action game." Of course, in Japan the term action game is used in a very general sense. It has been used to describe action RPGs as well as genuine action titles. The general sense from the listing is that the Final Fantasy VII remake would have action elements.

It is conceded that Japan has a different idea on what constitutes an 'action' game than American audiences do, but this may be the final confirmation that we are getting a FFVII similar to the initial trailer. 
While news has been hard to come by regarding the game, it seems that this job posting has solidified the nature of the combat system. FFVII remake is still without a release date for the first part, but hope remains that we will receive more news as we approach the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3.

[1]: Playstation official trailer for FFVII remake on youtube
[2]: Interview with Tetsuya Nomura by Italian Videogame magazine "Multiplayer" [Translated from Italian]
[3] Article by Tech Spot

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I think we're well past that point, unfortunately.
It's a little disappointing, too, that turn-based combat systems have more or less been shunned by modern players. I think SMT is one of the few franchise's willing to make one that's based on anything other than nostalgia.
Given the turbulence the Final Fantasy series has undergone with the past few installments, though, I think they're trying to reach out to new audiences, confident that the fans of the first game will return due to hype.

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